Volunteers Do It All At Geneva

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23 August 2010

A sea of red is all that's visible as boats enter the pier area after a race. The Red Shirts are the volunteers of LBYC. They are timing themselves to improve performance. Not a competitive bone in this Geneva set of bodies. The 67 C's launch in 30 minutes which includes driving the trailers back to the parking stations. With E's and MC's, volunteers took the trailers back to the lot and retrieved them upon return to the piers after the races. The logistics of the parking and launch are all under the capable supervision of Don Holst who has worked tirelessly along with his crew.

The registration which has been just as time consuming with folks ordering lunches and dinners each day was the responsibility of Marilee Holst and her marvelous crew of Robin, the POS princess, and Kelly Hutchinson who were here each day to make the administrative side of the regatta go well.

Next, the Sherrys (Wendell and Helen) chaired the softgoods and, again, we saw their faces daily from start to finish. The logo was thanks to Travis Getz of Getz Solutions. He has a Delavan connection; he is the step grandson of Alan Buzzell who never misses a Winter Inland. When the event is over, you can go to the Ship's Store on the ILYA website to order softgoods with this year's logo. Or try Travis if you need a logo for a large event.

Lastly, thanks to Jim Smith, John Zils and the Lake Geneva Yacht Club for an outstanding event. For those of you who host the Big Inland, you can appreciate the effort of an event this long and big. For those of you who live on lakes smaller, please send Jim Smith an email he can share with Geneva to say thanks for a great time on the water and land.