Rimini - The Audi Melges 20 Races The Final 2010 European Series Event

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10 September 2010

September 10, 2010, (Rimini, Italy) - Club Nautico Rimini is prepared, ready and standing by to host the grand finale act of the 2010 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series.

Last July, at the spectacular Audi Melges 20 Gold Cup in Malcesine, the strong and persevering Reggini Sailing Team of Francesco Farneti dove head first into the competitive fleet with his sights clearly set on also winning the circuit title. Now, Farneti hopes that his home court advantage will serve him well against current series leader Benedetto Giallongo on Value Team. As defending champion of the famed circuit he is the team to beat. Should Giallongo win the circuit, he will make history as no other team to date has been able to achieve consecutive, back-to-back series titles. He sits nine points ahead of Farneti in second overall.

In third overall is Luca Domenici on Notaro Team that must overcome a huge 23 point deficit to tie for first. Needless to say, it will not be an easy task. Renato Vallivero’s Turnover is enjoying his rookie season in fourth followed by Stefano Di Properizio’s Hulk in fifth.

1.) Dario Levi, Fremito D'arja
2.) Roberto Pardini, Performance Sailing
3.) Luisa Bambozzi, Trouble Makers
4.) Marco Franchini, Water Tribe - Mefisto
5.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team
6.) Renato Vallivero, Turnover
7.) Tommaso Buzzi, In Fila Per 3
8.) Federico Albano, 3Menda
9.) Marco Morina, Sei Tu 20
10.) Luca Dominici, Notaro Team
11.) Lauro Bonora, Camay
12.) Ugo Capolino, Kempo
13.) Valter Campanile, Y.C. Bari
14.) Mauro Mocchegiani, Rush Diletta/Hulk
15.) Francesco Farneti, Reggini Sailing Team
16.) Federico Strocchi, Cheyenne
17.) Fausto Rubbini, Thule
18.) Manfredi Vianini Tolomei, Maolca
19.) Marco Zaoli, Shadow
20.) Manlio Soldani, Soldani
21.) Matteo Rossomando, Red Crow
22.) Simone Anichini, ITA-123
23.) Alessandro Molla, Spring Sailing Team
24.) Claudio Dutto, Water Tribe - Belzebu
25.) Stefano Sacchi, Jingle 3

1.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team = 77 pts.
2.) Francesco Farneti, Reggini Sailing Team = 86 pts.
3.) Luca Dominici, Notaro Team = 100 pts.
4.) Renato Vallivero, Turnover = 108 pts.
5.) Stefano di Properizio, Hulk = 121 pts.
6.) Fausto Rubbini, Thule = 149 pts.
7.) Marco Morina, Sei Tu 20 = 151 pts.
8.) Francesco Albano, 3Menda = 225 pts.
9.) Federico Strocchi, Cheyenne = 228 pts.
10.) Alessandro Rombelli, STIG = 228 pts.

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