2010 MC Scow Blue Chip Championship

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26 September 2010

Twenty six MC skippers made it to this year's 25th Annual Blue Chip Championship.  More were registered but the Weather Channel probably spooked a few folks off with the cold windy predictions for Saturday and Sunday.

The weather on Friday was too much for practice and straight west of Spring Lake, Michigan over in Pewaukee , WI they say the same big winds at the E Scow Blue Chip Championship and did not sail there either.  Saturday we had 15-22 out of the Northwest and occassionaly some very odd drops in the breeze would come through.  Four races were held on Saturday.  Sunday saw much nicer winds out of the northeast that ranged from 5-12 mph with two races being held.

Sailors from five states including Washington, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Virginia were represented.

This year's special Mystery Guest was Travis Weisleder who has a great track record in high performance dinghies ,keel boats and having sailed all around different spots on the globe.  Also, Travis was a former Melges 24 Class President.  Currently he leads at Layline where so many of us purchase sailing goods.  Travis shared with everyone at the Blue Chip dinner the importance of having inter-generational fleets, strong junior programs to help keep growing the sport making it fun for everyone of all ages.  Travis had three very good races out of six in his first go at an MC Scow.

Race winners include Jamie Kimball, Ted Keller (twice), Joe Rotunda, Andy Molesta and Kelly Hirn put it on everyone in the final race with a convincing win.

Top Youth sailor was Allison Price who is coming off her MC Youth National Championship win.  Kelly Hirn was top Woman.  Richard Blake our current MC Masters Champion won the Blue Chip Masters division.  Terry Mestan from Wisconsin was this year's top Grand Master.

The sailing was quick, tough and challenging even for the locals even though they finished 2nd-7th.  Lots of tacking and gybing.  For those going to the National Championship in 10 days they will be ready for fast tacking and gybing when needed that is for sure.  The key to this whole event all six races was the first 60 seconds.  Each of the six races the forward finishing group jumped off the good starting lines we had.  It was a rich get richer scenario with not much wiggle room for come backs if you were not in the top ten at the first weather mark.  So spotting your boat on the line and moving was key.  It was not a place to try and get your boat going with 10 seconds to go.  You had to be dropping the hammer down with 30-20 seconds to go.

Great courses from PRO Steve Schiller.  Fantastic help from Pete and Nancy Price who were both on the boat with Steve.  Many thanks to Nancy for the quick scoring too.  Midge Verplank and his team on the leeward end did a great job assisting.  Happy Fox and team set the marks.

Glen Walborn who is we think the only person to have sailed all 25 Blue Chips will be retiring from his volunteer lead position of hosting this championship after today.  Many thanks for making this event a great year end championship Glen.  Bravo!!!!!!

The Molestas, the Fox family , Amy Keller and several others were fantastic hosts for all of our lunches and of course the famous Blue Chip dinner.  There were a few challenges at the Blue Chip dinner between runner-up Jamie Kimball and Ted Keller.  Jamie tried his best to get Ted a little out of shape and off course for the next day but no luck at Ted Keller prevailed winning the Blue Chip Championship.

Full results will be posted at www.mcscow.org

Folks are still signing up for the National Championship at Lake Lanier.  As of this writing on Sunday night we are at 85 boats and know of at least 5 more from Michigan alone that are coming.  If you are on the fence post come join us at a great venue at Lake Lanier.  We just might see 100 boats which would be great.