2010 MC Scow National Championship Takes Shape On Day 1

2010 MC Scow National Championship Takes Shape On Day 1 © Randall Moring Related topics:

7 October 2010

Three great races held here on day one of the 2010 U.S. MC National Championship at Lake Lanier, GA.  Winds ranged from 5-14 mph.  First two races held in a northwest breeze with pressure between 5 and 10 mph. Race three brought on the hiking and some boom vang to control the boats going upwind in a shifting wind that was rolling west.  Races 1-2 were both held on the same course and race three of this beautiful lake with dozens of islands was held about 2 miles further west in another large basin area.  75 final boats registered for the championship.  Georgia sun in the upper 70s, no clouds.

Principal Race Officer Lee Estes and team worked hard to give us three good starting lines.  Races 1 and 2 were favored to the leeward end and both of those races the top 10 boats at the end came out of groups at that end of the starting line.  Major right hand shift came through on the start of race 3 and most of the top boats at the end of that race were boats starting in the upper 1/3rd right side of the long starting lines.  Each race was 5 leg windward 2&1/2 courses with 1 mile legs for a total of 5 miles per race.

Race winners for the day. Cam McNeil from White Lake, MI on race 1, Noel Neuman from Upper Minnetonka, MN for race 2 and local Lake Lanier favorite Jeremy Pape for race 3.

Very tight racing in the top 10 today and really throughout the fleet.  With four races to go it is all up for grabs and several sailors in the top group have been showing how much they want to win this event.  It is tough , tough sailing but fun sailing an fun sailing in one of those destination spots.  Just 3pts between 2nd and 6th gives you an idea how tight it is. Just 19 pts. between 1st and 8th .

Critical today, don't panic at start , find a clear lane and really focus on boat speed first five minutes or to first shift.  Those who did well there scored well in the end.  Patience was really key today in the big fleet. Dark water was also key as when 75 boats gather in lighter breezes the oxygen levels and pressure go down, down , down. Fast, boat speed, clear lanes were the ticket today.

Over 900 images shot today and they will posted to www.chriszanderphotography.com. Some fantastic personal shots and fleet shots will be there. Check it out. Who knows maybe your Christmas card images are there. Images here start of race 3 as big right hander comes through and huge sag in this line even with the heavy windward favored end. Between the 1st boat you see on the left and the boat at the far right there are actually 75 boats. Then the second image is Cam McNeil turning & burning at the top mark of race 3 Also, you can visit the Lake Lanier Sailing club webcam www.cam.llsc.com updated every 30 seconds. Watch the sunset , very cool.

Top Ten Results (After 3 Races)
1st - Cam McNeil - White Lake, MI. (sail #2166) 9 pts
2nd - Ted Keller - Hoover SC , Columbus-OH ( 2421) 17pts
3rd - Noel Neuman - Upper Minnetonka, MN ( 1987) 18 pts
4th - Joe Rotunda - Spring Lake, MI (2142) 19 pts
5th - Steve Everist - Lake Okoboji, IA (2096) 19pts
6th - Jeff Grinnan - Rush Creek YC,TX ( 2268) 20 pts
7th - Dan Squad Car Fink- Pewaukee, WI ( 2444) 25 pts
8th - EHood - Lake Eustis, FL ( 2523) 28pts
9th - Jeremy Pape - Lake Lanier, GA ( 2092) 36pts
10th - Scott Harested - TN ( 2392) 44pts.

Top Youth (after 3) - Connor Davis - Spring Lake, MI
Top Woman - Amy Larkin - Lake Lanier, GA
Top Master - EHood - Lake Eusits, FL
Top Grand Master - Byron Beasley - Clear Lake, IA
Top Mega Master - Bob Miller - Diamond Lake, MI

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Great BBQ with famous Professor Frank Vandall roasting, I mean interviewing the top sailors today for the crowd tonight.  Should be fun.

More reports to come. Stay tuned to www.melges.com and www.mcscow.org.