Andy Fox Wins 32nd Annual Orlando Webb MC Regatta - Missouri Yacht Club

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6 June 2011

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - Wow, hot was the buzz word this weekend at this great annual regatta just outside Kansas City on one of our most unique Scow racing lakes .  Temps were predicted in the 90s and that is what we had for the three days or sailing and training.  Fortunately we had good breeze that ranged from 4-17 mph over the three days of sailing.

Lake Lotawana which is shaped like a T and the long part of the T being just short of two miles long and the top of the T being just short of a mile long.  A very narrow lake averaging 200 yards wide with high hills.  I have sailed there in 5 different decades.   My parents first took there in the early 60s as this was one of the big Snipe venues during the 50s-60s-70s.   Also known for great C Scow regattas over the years, Butterfly National Championships and fantastic MC events that always average 40-55 boats.   This year we had 45 registered and 40 on the starting line each day.   We are pretty sure the good ol' Weather Channel spooked a few folks off with predictions of storms and heat.  The storms never came.  

Andy Fox and I conducted a free training  event starting with Andy having them sail Thursday afternoon and Friday morning then with both of us leading a 90 minute indoors :-) Mini Zenda U style event.  Lots of give and take.  Everyone put up on the white board one thing they wanted to improve on which was great .  Everyone was heard and we all learned from each other.

The regatta was scheduled for 4 races with 3 on Saturday and 1 today on Sunday.  Paula Martin had a great crew and pulled off four great races under some tough , shifty conditions.

It was great seeing some new fleets and new blood here at Missouri Yacht Club this weekend.  Longview Lake in KC has four new MC teams sailing and they all came to the event.  Not sure they have a fleet charter yet but they are excited and are looking at growth.  Lake Carlisle which has a rich history of sailing  just across the river from St. Louis now has 9 MCs and two of their ringleaders joined us.  MC teams from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri made it to the event making this the second largest MC event of the year so far.  Gas was even cheaper in the region.

Fantastic Lotawana hospitality with their huge volunteer network made it a real joy to be  at this great club for three days.  Dr. Tillema and Wally Thornton gave a rich history lesson on the legacy of Orlando Webb who started the regatta 32 years ago but only sailed it once before passing away from a heart attack suffered while sailing his MC that following Memorial day. His wife just passed away a couple of months ago but she was a leader making things happen at MYC for all those years in between their deaths.  It was great to hear about a true legacy left in place by the Webb family.

Onto some racing.  It was tight, crazy, fast breaking and exciting.  Lots of lead changes on all races.  The key to this weekend was being able to tack and gybe quickly to get in the new dark water that would appear in very short order dropping down from the tall hills and trees surrounding the entire lake.  It paid to clear your air every time someone tacked or gybed on you.  So boathandling first but coupled with boatspeed.  As Billy Allen used to tell me sometimes you make more money at the back of puffs that you do at the front by shifting gears.  This was a weekend for focus and quick thinking.  A ton of fun for sure.

Here are some quick results.  For full results and details on all upcoming events including the big events of the rest of this season please go to 

Andy Fox - LESC , FL.   fleet 4               1-1-4-2= 8
Eric Hood - LESC , FL.   fleet 4                2-4-1-3 = 10
Jeff Surles - PLYC , WI. fleet 44             4-7-3-1 = 15
Danny Ziegler - WSC, OK  fleet 32          7-10-5-5 = 27
Austin Chamberlin - MYC, MO fleet 14    5-11-8-9 = 33
Drew Ziegler - WSC , OK fleet 32            8-2-20-4=34
Bob Cantrell - MYC, MO fleet 14              9-6-2-17 = 34
John Sepanski - CSA, IL fleet 91            16-3-10-13= 42
Scott Griffiths - MYC, MO fleet 14          10-13-6-15=44
Craig Eaton - LESC, FL  fleet 4                3-5-22-18= 48

Great job everyone and many thanks to Team MYC for hosting a fantastic regatta.
MC 2540