Interview with Allison Price 2011 MCSA Youth Champion

Interview with Allison Price 2011 MCSA Youth Champion ©2011 Ingrid Lindfors Related topics:

20 September 2011

EHood -  Allison thanks for spending some time with all of us in the MC Scow class and sharing some of your story.  Before we get started though I would just like to say congratulations on your 2nd and also consecutive victory winning the MCSA Youth Championship.  It is very exciting to see so many new and young sailors jumping into this hot one-design class.
EHood -  Tell us a little bit about your sailing career .  How long you have been sailing , what type of boats and where.
Allison – Thank you very much.  I started sailing lessons at Muskegon Yacht Club when I was 6 sailing Optimists.  The summer of '98 I crewed for Andy Schiller on a Butterfly and started to get into racing.  My parents bought me my own Butterfly when I was 10.  I would go to the Butterfly Nationals, Singlehandeds, Westerns, and WMYSA regattas. Later I would crew for Ted Keller in the MC Blue Chip and my dad in the MC Nationals at Torch Lake Yacht Club.  Next I graduated to crewing on the E Scow with my dad and occasionally my grandpa as the fourth at Crystal Lake Yacht Club.  In high school I joined the Grand Haven sailing team and sailed FJ's, 420's, and Lasers. I hadn't started sailing the MC by myself until last year and did really well, winning the MCSA Youth Championship plus being  top junior at the Western Michigan Yachting Assoc. Championships and the MC Blue Chip Championship.
EHood -  Back in the day your dad Pete and I grew up racing Butterfly’s and Scows against each other.  I know you come from a bloodline that has scow sailing through at least 4 generations now. Our scow world seems to have family at the center of so much we do. Tell our friends reading today a little bit about the Price family and what scow sailing has meant to all of you. 
Allison – Well as my grandpa has been saying lately the sailing talent must have skipped a generation (sorry dad).  Larry Price started sailing later in his life about 45 years ago now being 82 and still sailing from time to time at Crystal Lake.  On the morning of a race, he always tells me where to go, where to start, and "middle of the line and movin' kid".  Grandpa has passed his love of sailing throughout the Price family and we are all very grateful.  My first regatta was the E Scow Blue Chip in Pewaukee, Wisconsin when I was 5 weeks old.  My family has always thought of scow sailing as a family and everyone included are a part of it.  It's the greatest thing in the world to go sail at a beautiful lake and race against all of your extended family.  
EHood – Onto some MC Racing.  Looks like this year was some tough sailing against the likes of Chris Lopez, Connor Davis, Reese Wilkins, Jake Erdman, Sam Currier , Sam Gill and many more.  Five different race winners over the six races but you did get two of those race wins.  Share with us some of the race highlights for you and give us some key insights you think made a difference in winning the MCSA Youth Championship this year.
Allison –  There definitely was some major competition this year.  Connor Davis was the top junior at the Western Michigan Championship including being top 10, beating some very good sailors in that fleet.  All the sailors out there have done so well this year and I believe it could have been anyone's regatta.  Chris Lopez, Jake Erdman, Sam Currier, Reese Wilkins, and Sam Gill all had really great races and it was so exciting to see everyone so close together in points. 
EHood – So if you were a sailing coach and leaning into new young sailors jumping into the MC Class what would be some of your advice to them?
Allison –  For every race I go out, have fun, and sail my best and thats how I feel everyone should go at it.  Too many people nowadays take sailing too serious and forget the real reason why we are out there.  To have fun! 
EHood – As you know White Lake Yacht Club in western Michigan will be hosting the 2012 MC Nationals.  Last time we had the Nationals there we had 107 boats.  I think the lake level went up a foot we had so many boats.  I suspect we will probably see even more boats for 2012 than the last nationals held there.  You seem to have the “Eye of the Tiger” right now and are sailing well.  What will some of your training and preparation efforts be for the 2012 Nationals?   I guess a better way to ask the question would be what kind of goals do you see setting for yourself and how important is goal setting to you and your sailing.
Allsion – I set goals for myself for every sailing season.  Last year's goal was to get my name on a perpetual trophy which I reached.  This year's goal was to get my name on a trophy twice and I made that happen too.  My goals for the nationals would of course be top junior or top 15.  
Again on behalf of all MC Sailors we just want to congratulate you on a great season of MC Sailing.   It will be exciting to watch your progress in 2012.  Thank you Allison!


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