John Potter Wins 2011 Melges MC Scow Master Nationals

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17 October 2011

Article by Eric Hood - THE FINAL DAY OF RACING.
Going into the last day of racing we had two days of ties going on between local Laser Ace and new class member John Potter going up against Charleston hot shot Tommy Harken. Another great regional sailor who loved the home cookin’ on and off the water this weekend was Bill Rembold from Charleston who seemingly had his own regatta going on for third place with New York sailor and MC class officer Bob Cole. Then there were the rest of us who had some serious math lessons given to us on hydro-dynamics and currents.

The sailing was great though and no complaints about what Mother Nature had for us all weekend.  On occasion you sail at venues that simply put are very challenging and this was one of those. Serious physical workout on day two with the big winds but it was fun with the big speeds and short-tacking up to the beach edges on that day.  The final day we had a great light-medium wind out of the WNW and we sailed in front of the club instead of down river three miles.  Everyone was pumped up this one.  Sun, nice breeze and a long 4&1/2 course.

The start happens and quickly John Potter weaved his way out of the confusing start of current to wind direction and Tommy Harken got trapped.  Did I already tell about the rest of us ☺, well we were all still doing our math lessons from the days before.  John went on to win this race.  Tommy fought back from being down and trapped at the start behind some other boats over the line to finish 7th. I tell you who had a great race was Richard Blake who finished second in this race.  Jeff Grinnan had a rock solid 3rd this race which moved him up in the standings and Bill Rembold and Bob Cole went at it hard though with Bill coming out on top for 4th place in this race and Bob finishing 6th.

So final results are as follows and they are posted in full at

1.) John Potter – Beaufort YSC – 8pts (3 race wins)
2.) Tommy Harken –Carolina Y.C., Charleston –14 pts. (2 race wins and Top Grand Master)
3.) Bill Rembold – Charleston Yacht Club – 25 pts.
4.) Bob Cole – Keuka YC , NY – 27 pts.
5.) Jeff Grinnan – Rush Creek Yacht Club, TX – 38 pts
6.) Byron Beasley – Clear Lake YC, Iowa – 40 pts
7.) Tim Fredman – Pine Lake, WI – 41 pts
8.) Eric Hood – Lake Eustis, FL – 43 pts
9.) Jeff Annis – Augusta SC – 49
10.) Bob Miller – Diamond Lake, MI – 61 pts (Top Mega Master)

1.) Guy McSweeney – TOP OLD SALT

As we mentioned in our Day 1 and 2 report the incredible team of volunteers was incredible.  I think we had either a 1:1 ratio of volunteer to skipper or even possibly higher than that.  There was a logbook that Frank Pontious and team put together.  I would encourage you to ask any MC sailor that you know and who attended this event to share that with you.   All the volunteers wore color-coded shirts for every level of volunteering they had from launching, to meals, to medical and more.  If you need help organizing a great MC regatta lean into Frank for what they did to make this year's Masters Nationals so much fun for the competitors.

Check this email report out from Jeff Annis below.  He sent this to me during the regatta.

1.) Good lunch.
2.) GREAT team work for launching and recovering.
3.) GREAT access to the trot line.
4.) GREAT dinner—Oysters and BBQ?  How can that be better!
5.) GREAT weather.
6.) Organized parking.
7.) The Event Booklet (Log-Book)
8.) Nice bar scene.
9.) Great porch seating.
10.) Lots of hoses to wash off our boats.
11.) 4 showers to wash up after the racing and get ready for cocktail hour.
12.) Lots and lots of support boats on the water.
13.) Fantastic spectator boat for our friends and family.

This event shows how great the local fleet and Frank can plan an event.  This is an event to be used as the example of how to put on a regatta.

Jeff Annis (Class Commodore 2009-2010)

REGATTA PHOTOS – follow the link below for all the photos you want of the event from the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club.

In closing I just want to say again it was one of the most organized events I have been to in a long, long time.  Worthy of nomination to U.S. Sailing for the “St. Petersburg Trophy” to clubs who run outstanding events. Feel free to nominate folks.

Also just a closing note. This event was dedicated to Rich Williams who recently passed away at the end of a day of MC sailing.  Rich was a key part of this MC team from Beaufort YSC who hosted the regatta.  He was a dear friend to many.  It seems fitting that our new Champ John Potter sailed Rich William’s MC Scow to win this championship.

First Class Event  - EHood MC 2549