Melges Reports New Sales - Get A New Sail For Your Boat

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21 November 2011 has some great deals on parts and new Melges Gear. Perfect for the holiday season. Set up your sailor with some fresh Melges Gear.

Melges is building many boats through this fall and winter at Zenda This is a good sign for the year to come as interest in sailing is high. Right now in the famous Melges Shop are Melges MC's, Melges E's, Audi Melges 20's, Melges 24's and Melges 29ers.

Scow production has been quite good. Here are the numbers that we have in place thus far.
These are all new boats for 2012 with many more orders to come:
Melges X Boats: 6
Melges 17: 4
Melges MC: 14
Melges C: 2
Melges E: 11

The buzz this year has been the Melges E Scow. An all new deck design for our 2012 boats with a new deck mold being produced. The boat is going to be really HOT. With a kite launch / retrieval system built in and under-deck boards as standard on all new E scows. The E scow class continues to upgrade, advance and it has sparked an extreme interest in the boat, the class and the racing.

We always encourage people to come by Melges and see what we are doing. Stop by and see the new Melges E. Come by and see the sail loft and Jim Gluek with all of the latest in North Sails. We welcome our scow community and want to show you what is new at Melges. There are indeed updates to every model boat we are producing for 2012.

2012 is going to be a great scow racing season!