2012 Melges MC Scow Midwinter Championship Day 2

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18 March 2012

The huge high pressure system continued to dominate central Florida for day 2 of this 79 boat championship. Looking out my 5th floor hotel window and looking at Lake Eustis here on day three for the regatta it is not looking any better. In our 39 years of MC Midwinter Championships we have never not had at least the three minimum races required for an official championship. Everyone is hoping and praying for the best today. The cutoff time for the championship gives us about a 4 hour window to get the regatta in.

Day 2 we had one Crazy Ivan race with two 90 degree persistent shifts in very light air. So to this point two tricky races are on the books. Jim Gluek survived sailing very well under the trying conditions and finished third to lead the regatta with only 5 points. Richard Blake who practices probably more than anybody put together a race win for race 2 and as hard as he practices I would say it was not luck.

Here are the top 10.
1.) Jim Gluek 5,
2.) Jon Pomerleau 12,
3.) Terry Mestan 13,
4.) Ted Keller 14,
5.) Scott Harestad 20,
6.) Dan Fink 22,
7.) Clark Wade 23,
8.) Richard Blake 24,
9.) Jeff Grinnan 31,
10.) Al Haeger 33.

Top Junior as of right now is Ham Morgan from Rush Creek, Top Woman is Trish Keenan End, Top Under 50 is Ted Keller, Top Master is Jim Gluek, Top Grand Master is Terry Mestan and Top Mega Master is Bob Miller.

We had a fantastic party hosted by Bob Cole and the visiting Keuka Yacht Club . Bob shipped wine in from Keuka, NY and also France that was great. The Oyster Troff provided a great meal. I was emcee for the evening. After checking a few facts from 92 year old Frank Keenan who was an early class leader for us I shared some news with the group about our beginnings with the Midwinters and a state of the union for our class as of today. Also I do not think I have heard such laughter at the Midwinters since the appearance of Bubba and Earl ten years ago. We had a great time.39 years old as a event and we have sailed on 6 different venues (Mt. Dora, Harris, Eustis, Tampa Bay, Ft. Meyers and Sarasota).I will just bullet point some of the things we talked about as a group last night.

  • Trick question for the crew was how many venues have we sailed at during the 39 year history. Answer was 6 - Mt. Dora, Lake Harris, Lake Eustis, Sarasota, Davis Island and Ft. Meyers.
  • Furthest travelled this week was from Portland ,Oregon and also Montana.
  • Largest fleet that travelled to the Midwinters this year was the Rush Creek Yacht Club crew from Rockwall, Texas with 9 teams. Keuka Yacht Club had 6 teams and Hoover in Ohio had a large group here also.
  • We had a lot of family teams this year husbands, wives, sons, daughters. That was really cool to see.
  • We talked about growing fleets. Selling or donating used boats within your own club to grow fleets and stimulate new boat purchases to keep our class growing up and to the right. Next hull 2562 was mentioned.
  • We shared class news with four of class officers and class president Dan Fink present. We shared the challenges and upgrades to things coming in the near future.
  • One of the fun parts of our night was the auction to benefit the junior yacht club. Things started out slow with Hoffman's Custom paddle and the Melges mystery box so we told the crowd if you all "get it going" with the bidding that we would add a National Championship entry, a Midwinters Championship, a 2013 ZU entry plus the box. After some spirited bidding we ended up at $1500 total taken in with Eric Protzman winning the big prize and Trish End winning the paddle.

The last and most important thing we discussed was how to best coach and mentor sailors to keep our class growing with new sailors, taking care of sailors at the back of the fleet who are learning, woman skippers, young sailors, older sailors. The theme I discussed was to "LEAD WHERE YOU ARE" . In other words my encouragement to everyone was to use whatever influence they had at their home club settings to help build our class sustaining our future. Maybe it is a volunteer supporting racing, maybe it is actually coaching , maybe it is taking one sailor in your fleet under your wing and helping them throughout the year to improve their sailing skills. There are so many ways that all of us can help to keep our class going strong. If you ever need help and ideas please feel free to call Team Zenda and we would be happy to help guide you through great ideas we have seen over the years on fleet growth and promotion.

So signing off for now here at 9:30 am on Saturday our last day. The lake is pure glass right now. Crew is happy and our social time together this week has been fantastic. Hopefully we will get a little more sailing in soon.