Day One At 2012 Melges MC Spring Shakedown Regatta In Grand Rapids, MI

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20 May 2012

Article courtesy of Eric Hood — Reporting this week from Grand Rapids, Michigan where we are sailing with 26 teams who are obviously all getting ready for the upcoming MC National Championship at nearby White Lake,Michigan.

While a smaller spring regatta we are not short on heavy hitters for this event.  Also, the event really started yesterday on Friday with a late afternoon training event hosted by EHood and Justin Hood . The seminar included a one hour chalk talk and then another hour and a half on the water for 8 teams.

So now to some racing.  Two light air races and two light-medium races.   Crazy and shifty is all we can say about today.   Getting off the good starting lines though was really important.  After that is was all about "velocity rules over direction".  In other words you absolutely had to be in the dark water all the time or you could quickly be shot out the back.  Trying to stay on the shortest route to the mark without velocity was not always a great move.

Tight small lake sailing today.  Dead flat water.  So boat speed did matter but being in velocity still was a primary concern today.  All in all fun spring practice racing today.   Nice job Grand Rapids Yacht Club!!!!

Here are some scores. 
Race winners for the day.  Cam McNeil wins two, Jamie Kimball wins one and Pete Comfort wins one  today.
Here are the top ten after four races.
Cam Mc Neil 13,  Jamie Kimball 14, Rob Kimball 20, EHood 26, Pete Comfort 29, Chris Craig 30, Curt Bradley 32, Peter Fox 34, John Hann 39, John Knape 39.

Two scheduled for tomorrow. Light warm winds are on the agenda.

Hey friends make sure you pre-register for the MC Nationals today.  We have 55 pre-registered with another 30 verbal commitments to attend in hand.  This years national championship will be a100+ boat event and it will be one you do not want to miss.  At least six or more former national champs are slated to be on hand sailing along with dozens of other club and regional champions.  This is the time to get better and up your game by sailing with the best.  Be there!!!!