Stu Oltrogge Retains Lead On Day 2 At MC Masters Nationals

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21 July 2012

Wow what a crazy race three we had on day 2 here at the MC Nationals. Stu Oltrogge and 5 others survived a crazy wild shift in the first two minutes of the start of todays race that was a game changer for many today.

The Conditions for Day 2 -
Really nice, some said nicest day of the summer. For sailing it was a cautious but okay looking day. The breeze had good velocity but was unstable with its direction. One thing though and the great thing about our sport is we all have to face those conditions when they come good or bad. High seventies, ENE winds ranging from 3-12 mph. ENE winds on this smaller lake as I mentioned yesterday that runs North and South in length makes for some unstable conditions for sure and that was the case today.

The Start 
First a general recall as a very large group was over at the top end and now with some reflection you could say the same thing happened in the general recall start that happened shortly after the start of todays only race. A big , crazy Ivan right hander came in and it was pretty much game, set , match for most of the fleet. The line though for 20 minutes of pre-start looked great from PRO Chip Mann and his crew. So no flaws or errors there.

The Lessons
No matter what I think you could easily say that giving yourself options with 2-3 minutes to go on getting to either end of the very long starting lines (minus mid-line boat) would have been a big lesson today for many.  Really, really studying the breeze on the water which was different today than yesterday probably was a game changer. Yesterday as I mentioned the wind was on the water all the time. Today on the east shore from the starboard end of the starting line all the way up to the weather mark for this W7 course the wind was not always on the water. So only clues you had 100-200 yards off the windward shore was other boats sailing . So if you did not study the boats ALL THE TIME , turned away for any period of time before pre start you missed the obvious shift that was developing but not showing. So a fun lesson but tough lesson for many.  One thing for sure though and you could see from front to back was there was some great side by side racing. The crowd cannot complain about hard and competitive racing.

The Upcoming Final Day 
The good news is we have a chance at some 10-20 SSW mph winds in the morning and could possibly get two races in before the noon cut-off. Racing times have been moved forward to take a shot at getting two good ones in tomorrow morning. The first five sailors have a shot at winning the event so that is exciting. There are four Grand Masters practically tied for that section and anyone of them can win that category tomorrow. We have a Mega Master Dr Jack Kern in the top 20 of this 65 boat fleet. It will be a great day for sure.

The Results after 2 Day, 3 Races
Stu Oltrogge - 5–1-4=10
Bruce Rosenheimer 3-9-3= 15
Noel Neuman 12-2-2 = 16
Dave Koch 1-10-9= 20
Bruce Gallagher 14-6-1= 21
John Hans 18-4-10= 32
Craig Thompson 9-12-16=37
Peter Toumanoff 2-27-12 = 41
Al Haeger 20-16-5=41
Bill Biersach 23-13-6 = 42
Dan Fink 7-3-33= 43
Tim Fredman 8-17-19= 44
Eric Hood 10-7-29= 46
Kurt Stadele 4-24-20= 48
Stefan Schmidt 26-11-18= 55
Others in order -Peter Dobbeck, Peter Ziegler, Bob Cole, Steve Rotier, Jack Kern, Richard Blake, Fritz Seidel, Mark White, Danny Ziegler, Chris Brooks, Rick Trester. Full results will be posted tomorrow .

One thing Cedar Lake Yacht Club is good at are social events. After a really fantastic party at Anita and Tom Hauske great lake home on the point last night we get to look forward to a good ol' fashion Wisconsin fish fry at the club tonight. 

We will have some great photos over 600 available to view on Flickr soon. Here is information on all of that Photos by Lisa Kreischer

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Photos from the event will be posted @  MCSA Masters 2012 Photos

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