Great Final Day of Racing At MC Masters National Championship

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21 July 2012

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - Our final and third day of racing at the MC Masters National Championship delivered some big surprises much like days one and two. Solid racing in great conditions today for races four and five.

What Was On The Line
Five sailors survived the first two and tough days of races one through three and had a real shot at winning the overall championship going into the last two races today. Also, some shootouts for top Grand Master were on the line with the top four GMs all within two points of each other. Then there was a shootout for top Old Salt between Salty Schwarting and Dick Booth on the line. So lots of things for the spectators on shore and in the spectator fleet to watch. Certainly the competitors obviously knew the scores as sailing was tough , fun and fast today.

The Conditions
SSW winds ranging from 7-18. Shifts were for sure on the lesser side of what we saw on day one and two. We had steady breeze of the once again great lines from PRO Chip Mann and his solid team for both of the back to back races. Middle of the course was steady and at the top it got tricky each of the beats for both W7 courses today. So really it was the same thing for each of the 8 windward legs. For each of the 6 leeward legs though it was not shifts but velocity you had to watch out for top to bottom.

The Lessons Of The Day
Starting and pacing out in the first two minutes was critical to be in a lane to take the long boat speed starboard tacks up the first two-thirds of the beats. Anything less than a start without a lane of clear air to develop some boat speed quick really made it tough to be in that top group early. Being flexible at the top 1/3rd of the course and not being afraid to take almost every 5-10 degree shift in those last couple of hundred yards was key today. Staying in the dark water downwind and being aggressive on the corners fighting for every inch was big. Lots of money to be made today on the corners with good gate choices and sailing fast right up to the mark and making some moves with focus.

The Big Cedar Shake-Up
So like day one and two there were some shakeups for sure with some skippers taking big steps back and some folks taking big steps forwards. So to give you an idea only one sailor had all top tens and that was Dave "Kinky" Koch. Only four others Bruce Gallagher, Stu Oltrogge, Bruce Rosenheimer and EHood had four of five races in the top ten. So almost everyone I will say had a Cedar Shake-Up race except our top two finishers in this record 61 boat Masters Nationals Championship.

The Results
So hopefully you have a little suspense and are saying like EHood tell us who won. When it was all said and done Bruce Gallagher from Pine Lake is our new Masters National Champion for 2012. He survived the day with a 1-6. Dave Koch had a 3-8 to finish second and Stu Oltrogge had the Cedar Shake-up with a 23-2. Noel Neuman who was in the hunt for the championship experienced the Cedar Shake Up today as well with a 7-21. Biggest movers today EHood with a 2-3 then Dan Fink with a 16-1 and Bob Cole with a 9-4. Kurt Stadele also had a solid last day with a 4-10.

Here are the scores for your top ten and full scores will be posted


Bruce Gallagher 14-6-1-1-6= 28
Dave Koch 1-10-9-3-8 = 31
Stu Oltrogge 5-1-4-23-2= 35
Bruce Rosenheimer 3-9-3-15-5= 35
Noel Neuman 12-2-2-7-21=44
E Hood 10-7-29-2-3 = 51
Dan Fink 7-3-33-16-1 = 60
Craig Thompson 9-12-16-11-12=60
Kurt Stadele 4-24-20-4-10=62
John Hans 18-4-10-5-31=68

Also Top Grand Master went to Bill Biersach, Top Mega Master to Dr. Jack Kern and top Old Salt to Dick Booth.

Many, many, many thanks to an incredible team of volunteers at Cedar Lake Yacht Club. Everything was as Dave Koch said at the awards ceremony A+. Also, Salty Schwarting mentioned to everyone that while we do not have that many Old Salts sailing (80+) that everyone should know it is possible as he sailed his first regatta post WWII at Big Cedar Lake with 85 C Scows (including a kid named Buddy Melges) and that this was his 66th year of sailing and to be back at Big Cedar was great. Way to go Salty and way to Dick Booth !!!

Next Big Events
Four big ones coming up.
The 2012 MC National Championship at White Lake , Michigan (my old home lake). It is a bucket list spot. 80 are registered and we feel good about the event being a 100+ and possibly record breaking 112+ boat event.

Also two other class sanctioned events The Team Race Championship at Clear Lake, The MC Blue Chip at Spring Lake.

Last, lets not forget the Big Inland Championship at Mendota soon. See all the details for that event on

See you at one of the remaining major championships soon.
All the best, sail fast,
E Hood
MC 2566
Melges Performance Sailboats

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