Three Major Melges MC Scow Events Happen In August! BE THERE!

6 August 2012

WMYA Championship - August 08-11
ILYA Championship - August 16-19
MCSA National Championship - August 22-25

For Nationals — eighty-five competitiors already registered for the big dance. Plenty of time to head on over to White Lake Michigan for a great vacation and hot racing action. Check out the links below and sign up today.

The MCSA Team Racing Championship, Racing From a Different Perspective
The Clear Lake Yacht Club is set to host the Third Annual MCSA Team Racing Championship on September 8 and 9, 2012, and if the last two years are any indication, this regatta will be another great success. I have represented the Lake Harriet Yacht Club in the last two Team Racing Championships, and was asked to write in this Touch of Class issue to give you another perspective of team racing and to invite you to this must sail regatta.

For those of you new to the team racing concept, it is a unique and exciting form of racing that pits two teams of three boats against each other, with the winner being the team with the best combination of finishes. For example, a team that finishes 1st, 5th, and 6th will lose to the team finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Many of you may have participated in team racing, as I did, during your college years, and will agree with me that team racing is one of the most fun and exciting types of sailboat racing. Because you have two teammates on the water and there are no individual honors, you are constantly communicating to make sure you are in a winning combination; you are using the racing rules to slow down the opposing team; and you are sacrificing your own personal position to help your team's overall position. Team racing is the most intense racing you will ever experience. But what makes team racing so special is the camaraderie that exists within the team. We sail in fleet races all summer, scratching and clawing for our own individual result, and then we get to sail in the MCSA Team Racing Championship and be on the same team, using each others' strengths and weaknesses to beat another team. Team racing is something that I really enjoy and look forward to every year, and I know you will feel the same.

The Clear Lake Yacht Club is also the ideal host of this regatta. Clear Lake is a beautiful town nestled into the rolling hills of Iowa. The town has numerous small boutique shops, restaurants, and sightseeing opportunities, and the regatta site is ideally located off the downtown, which provides great spectating and entertainment-when sailing conditions are less than ideal. But the secret to the success of the MCSA Team Racing Championship are its regatta chairmen, Eric Protzman and Jeff Nicholas, who meticulously organize every aspect of the regatta, providing plenty of local housing, excellent race officers, great food, and of course great parties. I can tell you from personal experience that the regatta parties last year extended well past midnight.

With its intense head-to-head competition scheduled towards the end of the sailing season, the Team Racing Championship is the MCSA's capstone regatta. Not only does it improve both your boat handling skills and your knowledge of the racing rules, but it will without a doubt build camaraderie within your club. And I can assure you that if you join us for the Team Racing Championship, it will become the highlight of your season. I also want to thank the Clear Lake Yacht Club for providing such a great venue for team racing in the MC fleet. If anyone has any questions about team racing or wants to talk sailing, drop me a line. See you in September. 

Joe Fricton
MC# 1256