Eckert Leads Inland C Scow Fleet, While Burdick Heads Up E Scows On Big Inlands Day 1 — Windy Conditions Take Toll

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13 August 2012

Editorial supplied by Candace Porter, Scowlines - In the toughest sailing conditions of the year thus far, the E Scow and C Scow ILYA Champs commenced on beautiful Lake Mendota. The backdrop of the Capitol building and the University of Wisconsin are breathtaking, but gusts in the high twenties took the breath away on the first day of the three-day event. The wind did not diminish the spirit or effort of our sailors. (Congrats to the local Boathouse on a record-breaking day of repairs). Forty-three E Scows started the day. Peter Maas is the repair winner of the day losing his rudders on the first start while trying to avoid a tipped over boat. A trip to Melges and back, and today he will return to winning style. It was marvelous downwinds that kept the excitement at top level for the three races completed on the anticipated highest of wind days of the event. PRO Chip Mann was versatile as his RC boats suffered difficulty requiring immediate substitution of two of his four boats. Results after three races (note the scorer's configuration of two columns per race.

1.) Andy Burdick, Team 45 (I-45)
2.) August Barkow, Big Wheels (V-37)
3.) Vincent Porter, Grace (I-2)
4.) Russell Lucas, Shimmer (BH-8)
5.) Brian Porter, Full Throttle (I-49) 
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The C fleet seemed less consistent than the E Scows in finishing performance. Leading the fleet is the prior non-winner Ed Eckert and Dave Schmidt who for the first time in memory took a third on the Grumpy Old Men. Tom won the event several years ago but was not awarded the title due to incomplete regulation races completed, so here he is again. Andrew Bohl wins the repair day with a bow hole which required all night, overnight repairs by the Boathouse. Seems the hole is the shape of a C scow bow. Several demastings in the fleet: Kent Haeger and Tom Pomierski and perhaps Dave Keck. All sailors are fine as Mendota Yacht Club and tender boats are providing assistance rapidly. The C Scow's completed three races under the guidance of PRO Larry Krause.

1.) Tom Eckert, Grumpy Old Men (A-36)
2.) Stephen Schmidt, Ridin' High (E-88)
3.) Joe Kutschenreuter, Tacktcardia (B-7)
4.) George Kutschenreuter, Beulah Beast (B-16)
5.) Mark Prange, Badolboys (E-1)
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