Vincent Porter Surges To The Lead Of E Scow Big Inland — From Heavy Wind to Light Air, What A Day! Three More Races For Each Fleet

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13 August 2012

Editorial supplied by Candace Porter, Scowlines - Day two belonged to Vincent Porter, Sam Rogers and Peter Strothman which resulted in a shakeup of the top ten. The throw out goes into effect tonight with only one race scheduled for tomorrow. Very light air is the prediction.

1.) Vincent Porter, Grace (I-2)
2.) Andy Burdick, Team 45 (I-45)
3.) August Barkow, Big Wheels (V-37)
4.) Peter Strothman, Rooster (I-9)
5.) Brian Porter, Full Throttle (I-49)
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C Scow WOW!
What a promising future for the fleet, four juniors in the top ten — three from Beulah and one from Okauchee. Joe and George Kutschenreuter along with Christine Porter with the exceptional good fortune to have Annie Haeger on board bring pride to Beulah. Tim Schmidt is keeping even with Dad Stephen. We have two women in the top 15. This is a healthy fleet! Race winners today were Stephen Schmidt, Tiim Schmidt and Joe Kutschenreuter.

1.) Joe Kutschenreuter, Tackycardia (B-7)
2.) Tim Krech, Fire and Ice (M-20)
3.) Mark Prange, Badolboys (E-1)
4.) George Kutschenreuter, Beulah Beast (B-16)
5.) Kevin Jewett, Honey Badger (I-113)
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