Vincent Porter Goes On To Take E Scow Inland Title, Joe Kutschenreuter Wins C Scow Fleet

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13 August 2012

Editorial supplied by Candace Porter, Scowlines - There are few things in life where the effort ALWAYS fulfills the expectation. Winning an ILYA championship, race win, top 10 finish is consistently one of them. While the we may not be capable of capturing the emotional expressions of gratitude to those who supported them, know how genuine and heartfelt each comment was as the winners received their awards. 

Commodore Rick Trester thanked Mendota and Hoofers for the gargantuan effort expended and only in the first half.

The Velocitek C and E challenge was presented by local dealer, Summerset Marine who co-sponsored the E event. Jon Schloesser of Oshkosh won $1000 for the highest sustained speed during the event — of those carrying Velocitek's. Emily Green of Mendota had the highest peak speed recorded. Bruce Rosenheimer won the C challenge and was awarded a ProStart unit.

The Porter name is atop the Gallun Trophy as far back as 1929. Lake Geneva has won this trophy 27 times. There are dynasties recorded by viewing the Gallun history - Melges (both Buddy and Harry), Bill Allen — winning the event 5-6 times! Names like Robbins, Perrigo, Hannaford - it's a who's who of Inland sailing. Vincent Porter sailed Grace to a second victory and begins his own mark on history — a most gracious young man as he thanked the Inland as well as his own support team. Vincent wins this event for Geneva with a very young Clifford Porter, Coye Harrett and Griffin Rolander. He recalled sailing with his younger brother Clifford in X boats and placing second in the Inlands. This return trip with Clifford netted the top award.

The second place boat exemplifies all we are here in Midwest ILYA sailing. The entire Melges-Burdick crew sailed on the boat. The two wives are sisters with four of the most eager young children in this clan. Thanks to Finn and Mya Burdick and Monroe and Harry IV for enjoying the event. It was a family vacation. (But don't look for the gentle, family feel next week on the A's. Andy and Harry will be on competing boats with expert crew!)

Of note in the E awards was the presentation of the race trophy to Emily Green. Rarely has a woman won an E race (only four times) and not since 1974 when Jane Pegel last won a race. White Bear team Lee Alnes seemed most moved at his 10th place finish and a race win. Sailing with two nephews, he was most appreciative of his award.

With a forecast that included very light air, the E Scow and C Scow Big Inland drew to a close on Sunday. Only one race was scheduled. The lighter than light conditions prevailed, resulting in no further racing. The results from overnight on Saturday stand as is — Vincent Porter wins the E Scow, while Joe Kutschenreuter won the C Scow competitions.

Porter surged ahead on Saturday. After six races, Porter topped Friday leader Andy Burdick by four points. Burdick made it a true family affair sailing with Harry Melges III and the kids — Harry IV (11), Mya (8), Monroe (7) and Finn (6).

1.) Vincent Porter, Grace (I-2)
2.) Andy Burdick, Team 45 (I-45)
3.) August Barkow, Big Wheels (V-37)
4.) Peter Strothman, Rooster (I-9)
5.) Brian Porter, Full Throttle (I-49)
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C SCOW TOP TIVE RESULTS  (FINAL - After six races)
1.) Joe Kutschenreuter, Tackycardia (B-7)
2.) Tim Krech, Fire and Ice (M-20)
3.) Mark Prange, Badolboys (E-1)
4.) George Kutschenreuter, Beulah Beast (B-16)
5.) Kevin Jewett, Honey Badger (I-113)
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