Jamie Kimball Leads MC Scow Nationals After Three Exciting Races

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24 August 2012


Three great races today. All in the medium air range. Some great hiking, crews on board for many of the teams today and some folks hiking hard by themselves.

Huge premium on surviving the first beat and being in that forward group at the top marks. With such great talent represented, the rich getting richer theme you usually see in club racing or smaller regattas was not there today. You did need everything possible to get away from the big pack though. Great starting lines from PRO Chip Mann and his big team. A couple of individuals for each race but no generals. Courses were W7, W5, W7. Gorgeous weather at this bucket list stop for the MC Nationals here on White Lake, Michigan.

Race 1 Winner Jamie Kimball

Race 2 Winner Ted Keller

Race 3 Winner Doug McNeil (with his son former Nationals Champ Cameron second- that was cool)

Boats are starting to pack up on their scores but with four races to go and a possible drop race to be included if 7 races are completed (Class rule). Lots of opportunities for things to happen.  Jamie Kimball is poked out pretty good on the group right now with Ted Keller sailing in a strong second right now.

Here are some scores. Full results hopefully will be posted later at www.melges.com, www.ilya.org and www.mcscow.org

1st Overall and top U50 Jamie Kimball (former Nat champ) 8 points
2nd Ted Keller 17 pts
3rd Bill Colburn 23pts
Cam McNeil 24 (former Nat Champ)
5th Justin Hood 34 (former Nat Champ)
6th Joe Rotunda 38 (former Nat Champ)
7th Brett Hatton 43 (former Nat Champ)
8th Steve Everist 44 (last weeks ILYA Champ)
9th Brien Fox 45
10th Enrico Schafer 45
11th Andy Burdick 47 (former 11 time Nat Champ and sailing with three today Mya and Finn Burdick)
12th E Hood (Top Master) 47
13th Jeff Surles 53
14th Noel Neuman 59
15th Jeff Grinnan 61.

Other notables:
• Top Grand Master Stefan Schmidt 25th with 83 pts
• Top Youth David Gates 35th with 112 pts
• Top Woman Lynn Walborn 54th with 154 pts
• Top Mega Master Gary Verplank 59th with 165 points

Big bucket smart things learned today. Top boats sailed in clear air 95% + of the time. Escape and find a way in top 10 after start. If that did not work find a way to top 10-15 by top mark. Position yourself to have a chance on the last beat to finish well. Focus, focus, focus on dark water – stay in the pressure.

Great job by the huge volunteer teams including the race committee, scoring teams, dinghy service, great food and drink teams.

Day 2 Friday big winds are predicted. 

Hawaiian Party now here at this classic club built in 1903 on White Lake. 

E Hood - MC 2566
Melges Performance Sailboats