Day One At The 2012 E Scow U.S. Nationals

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8 September 2012

After 3 general recalls the first race got off in light shifty winds. John Brown (SS-1) worked the right side to round first followed by Richie Ryon (LE-2). Brian Porter (I-49) worked mostly the right side but not far right on the first beat and at the end of the leg went more right to catch a welcome starboard hook to round behind Ryon. Unfortunately Brian was sailing with a 20% penalty from a Z Flag violation from the previous general recall. The left failed people - some would say miserably.

Porter took the lead by the next upwind mark and stayed in front - and took home the Keuka Trophy for winning the first race. Rick Turner (CH-6) had one of the biggest recoveries moving up 13 places and Andy Burdick (I-45) and Vincent Porter (I-2) each passed 6 boats to finish 6th and 9th respectively. The course was twice around with a downwind finish and respectable 1.5 mile legs. There was some confusion about the leeward finish as 'there were three RC boats with orange flags flying, which got a few boats off course before the extra Flag was taken down. If you look at the results, some of the boats received redress as a result.

Race 2 had another general recall before getting off on the second attempt with the individual recall flag flying. Although most liked the looks of the right side at the start, and because of the right side success in race 1. However, the left side was the place to. Peter Hurley took the pin end start position but Dave Magno (LA-99) was first around followed by Peter, then Brett Hatton (SL-4), George Welch (KU-1), and Brian Gabriel (T-53). The winds remained light and shifty and positions were scrambled with each change in the wind. Peter Hurley got by Magno to win the second race and the Iver Johnson Memorial Trophy. Chad Hillyer (T-17) was second followed by Dave Magno, Hatton , Welch, Gabriel, Burdick, and Bill Wyman (J-5).

The weather forecast for the second day of the regatta is for much more wind but also the strong possibily of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Most remained optimistic at the party last night that we were going to get the wind but not the storms.

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