Deb Gluek Wins 2012 Melges 17 Indy Fall Championship

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15 October 2012

The end of the M17 sailing season always seems to end on a high note at the Indianapolis Sailing Club for the M17 Fall Championship.  PRO Paul White did a excellent job running 5 back to back races. The five .9 mile 2 lap w/l races were sailed in 4-12 knots of breeze. It was typical Indy sailing, premium being on getting to the darker water before the next boat. Easier said than done. Really great sailing with lots of place changes and tight mark roundings. In the end, Deb & Jim Gluek out maneuvered the 12 boat fleet to win followed by Mike & Steph Dow and Bob Herdrich & Paul Kirkpatrick.

Normally, that would be the end of the regatta report but special notes must be made for the food the Indy fleet served. There was breakfast. There was lunch. Then there was dinner. Twice..... Smoked pork tenderloin, smoked beef tenderloin, fresh homemade salads, 4 different homemade chilis, sandwiches, bagels, toast, many appetizers not to mention the beverage choices. This is an event you want to attend! Foodie thanks to Paul & Lisa Kirkpatrick, Tim & Lori Conder, Lorri Katzfey, Tammy Herdrich, Christy Call, Margo Schumacher and Michelle Sarber. I hope that sums up the foodie list, if we forgot you, we love you too! 

This event also ended the Melges 17 class season. The Larry Brand Trophy is awarded to the boat with the top 3 event scores added to their nationals score. This event was the deciding event of the series this year and that award goes to Deb & Jim Gluek! Great regatta! Big thanks to the whole Indy fleet!

2012 Melges - 17 ISC Fall Championship Regatta Results
1. Deb & Jim Gluek, 1-1-1-2-2=7
2. Mike & Stephanie Dow, 4-2-2-1-1=10
3. Bob Herdrich & Paul Kirkpatrick, 2-3-3-3-3=14
4. Bryan Sarber & Paul Gush, 3-6-4-6-8=27
5. Chris Katzfey & Mat Seyfried, 5-5-8-7-5=30
6. John & Cassey Call, 7-4-5-8-7=31
7. Bob Heathcote & Sam Russell, 8-11-7-5-4=35
8. John & Margo Schumacher, Ether, 10-9-6-4-6=35
9. Brad Schottke & Melzar Coulter, 6-10-9-9-9-=43
10. Kirk Arndt & Gale Lockwood, 9-8-10-10-10=47
11. Tim & Lori Conder, 11-7-DNF-DNC-DNC-=57
12. JB VanMeter & Kelly Queisser,12-12-11-11-11=57

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