Kurt Stadele Takes Top Honor At The Augusta Sailing Club Halloween Multi-Class Regatta

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18 October 2012

For the 58th time the Augusta Sailing Club in Appling, Georgia just outside Augusta on the Savannah River held it's annual multi-class Halloween Regatta. Some sailors come days in advance to this very cool little Georgia countryside destination spot. Classes included the largest class of 33 MC Scows also 10 E Scows then a wide variety of boats including Optimist, Sunfish, JY15 and several keelboat handicap divisions. All in all we had about 400 folks gathered on the very cool 16-acre plot of land on the dammed up Savannah River, which is called Lake Strom Thurmond. The lake or river was down at least 10 feet but being such a large body of water it had no effect on the sailing. 

The most famous part of this regatta outside of the sailing is the Saturday night Halloween party. No less than 1/2 of the group dressed up in one way or another for the Saturday night festivities. It was a great, safe and fun place to be for all the kids and adult kids to be for sure. I am sure you can check it all out on-line at the ASC website. Lots of photos both on the water and off were taken.

Onto some sailing – we had a great group of scow sailors make it here this year with 33 MC teams and 10 E Scow teams. By the way the 2014 MC Nationals will be here at Augusta (the last time we had the famous get your head shaved if you win moment with Andy Burdick). Jeff Annis took delivery on a brand new MC Scow and Jack Kern was busy buying, swapping MCs to help promote new sailors to get into the class. We had a fantastic week of networking and brainstorming to help continue Scow growth and racing in the Southeast.

We had three of a scheduled 6 races. The wind just was not there for the back half of the regatta. The first three races while shifty were held in some good velocity for most of the time. So wind speeds varied from 3-14 mph but or most of the time were in the 7-9 range.

The race winners were Lenny Krawcheck sailing 2544, EHood sailing 2571 and David Helmick sailing 2543.

Overall Top Ten and Division Winners:
Kurt Stadele with scores of 8-2-10=20 pts and was top Master. Pretty high scores for a three race series but considering the shifty Crazy Ivan conditions it was good enough to win the event. Way to go Kurt!!!
Steve Sherman was second and also Top Grand Master with scores of 13-4-5=22.  Steve dressed up as a Referee who could not get the call right. The crowd loved it.
Lightning ace and MC veteran Lenny Krawcheck was top Mega Master and finished third with scores of 1-6-17= 24
Greg Fisher jumped back into the class after being absent for many years. Greg finished fourth with 25 pts. Greg is now leading coaching efforts at the College of Charleston.
Stefan Schulze finished fifth with 26 points and was the top Under 50 skipper.
Josh Landers was sixth with 2-13-13 = 28 points.
EHood was seventh with 12-1-16 = 29 points.
Dave Johnson sailed hard and fast all the time but fought the big challenges of the Crazy Ivan shifts like all of us and finised 8th with 29 points.
Jeff Surles had crazy scores of 15-15-2 but was up there every race at some point and he finished 9th with 32 points.
Scott Tillema rounded out the top ten with 28-3-3 = 34 points. Scott led several races at one point or another.

The biggest lesson learned in this event was sailing in dirty air. We actually had several small group discussions about how with some of the long straight-line light air sprints we had that the dirty air wall of windward boats this week really seemed to matter. So most important #1 game changer, game winner this week was clear air 100% of the time. Anything less than 95 or 90% clear air most of the time had really bad results for folks. Hanging in the middle portion of the starting line until about 2 minutes or so on the starts was another big factor because the swings could be big enough that if you did not start in the correct 50% area of the starting line chances were you would never recover. With a lot of focus, a lot of looking upwind all the time for the next breeze. You had to understand that the breeze lines were showing up quickly but they were also reading true. So what you saw coming was what was really going to happen. While it was frustrating at times it was good sailing and more importantly a great time being out there with friends and MC family.

For the EScows The SC3 Team of Walter Prause pretty well put it on the fun group of E Scow teams with a 2-1-1=4 to win that class. Reese Wilkins and the SC27 team finished second, Eli Putnam on LE3 finished third and Augusta legend Ed Durant finished fourth.

For full results you can visit www.mcscow.org and also www.augustasailingclub.org.

Article written by Eric Hood.