C Fleet Decision Spurs Growth

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14 November 2012

In a cooperative spirit, key leaders of the C fleet and Melges BoatWorks met this fall to spur the growth of new boats in the fleet. The result? A newly designed C with the same one design consistency that has ensured the fleet's success but with some comfort and building efficiencies to spur excitement. A reported 12 are on order. It is rumored six will go to Beulah to make its fleet number 30. The new owners have assured Beulah's growth by selling onlake to younger sailors.

Melges is showing the new C on; Lake Geneva. Note the Raptor Foam Non-Skid Kit custom made for extreme comfort to the boat and excellent traction.  This will be available as a kit for older boats and is standard in all new boats. In addition the C class national organization has spearheaded the manufacturing of a new mast die to alleviate the mast scarity problem caused when the current die was inadvertantly destroyed by an eastern mast extrusion company.

Here is an example of a fleet's leadership, collaborative initiatives with its suppliers and a sure formula for longevity of the class.

Article credit: ILYA Scowlines