Quinn and Dane Wilson Move Into The Orange Bowl Regatta Lead

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29 December 2012

Article courtesy of Matt Pistay - Day three of the Open Orange Bowl Regatta, hosted by Coconut Grove Sailing Club brought a nice 7-9 knots of breeze from the Southwest.

Race One is off with all boats trying to jockey for the pin end of the start line and with a big hole at the boat end of the line, the first start is a general recall. On the restart, all boats retreated to the boat end of the line and became very crowded. We'll see who gets to the weather mark first.

At the First weather mark it's Campbell D'Eliscu and Conner Keiter with a pretty big lead, coming in from the right side of the course. Quinn and Dane Wilson are second followed by Cody Stansky and Emmet Smith, but the fleet is very close together after the third place boat. At the bottom of the course it's D'Eliscu/Keiter holding the lead and hitting the right side of the course to extend. The Wilson's are close on their heals, with a massive come back from Nic Muller and Kai Friesecke, hitting a few good shifts on the downwind run to make a come back to the top 3.

At the final weather mark, D'Eliscu/Keiter are first with Quin/Dane Wilson right on their tails. This will be a good battle downwind for these 2 boats. The Wilson's decide to go for the jibe set while D'Eliscu/Keiter go for the straight set. At the finish, the Wilson's take a big win over D'Eliscu/Keiter in second.

Race Two looked promising with a bit more breeze. It was a clean start the 29ers heading to the left side of the course, but this time as there is a bit pressure out on the left. But a big change two minutes in the race, a big right shift with teams going full speed trying to get to it.

Coming into the top mark, Quinn and Dane Wilson had a pretty nice lead. Muller/Friesecke came second but inches behind is D'Eliscu/Keiter looking to make a come back. Into the gate, the Wilson's continued their massive lead over the fleet taking the left hand gate heading upwind. Muller/Friesecke looked for a few shifts to catch back up to the leaders. At the gates there is a big separation between first and second to the rest of the fleet. The fleet heads to the left side of the course coming out of the leeward gates. At the final weather mark the Wilson's hold their lead. Can they hold it for the rest of the run? Two minutes behind is Muller/Friesecke in second, and four minutes behind them is the rest of the fleet. Quinn and Dane walked away with this race. They will go on to win followed by Muller/Friesecke taking second place. Still anything can happen for the third place spot! Rounding in third D'Eliscu/Keiter and Duncan Williford and Matthew Mollerus in fourth. Close battle between these boats for third place.

For the third and final race of the day the breeze dropped a bit and looks to be a tough one. Both sides of the course could pay off. Well' see what side if the course pays off.

As the right side of the course pays again the wind is slowly fading. The 29er fleet is catching the back of the I-420 fleet. What would you rather be racing?

At the weather mark the Wilson's dominate taking their lead once again. Followed by D'Eliscu/Keiter in second. Third place is Rob Rice and Matt MerDermaid. Wind is still dropping. This could get ugly as the 29er fleet over takes the 420 fleet.

With a huge wind shift to the right side of the course all the 29ers gybe set and it's a one gybe run down the course. The RC abandons Race Three at the gates. Wind is filling in and we will see if we can get another race going.

After waiting around for the Race Committee to get their course set, they finally get another attempt at a third race. With solid 13-15 knots of breeze from the southwest. The fleet head to the right side if the course to make their way up to the weather mark. Coming into the weather mark, D'Eliscu/Keiter and right behind is Max Fraser and Jonny Goldsberry followed by Sam Gustin and Ian Woodbury. Very close racing here at the top of the fleet. At the leeward gate, around first is D'Eliscu/Keiter with Fraser/Goldsberry millimeters behind. The race back up to the top mark is going to be close. Rest of the fleet is loving having more wind. Crews get to stretch their legs and skippers get to put the hammer down and go fast. At the finish, the Wilson's pull to the front of the fleet to lead followed by D'Eliscu/Keiter. This is awesome watching these sweet boats rip downwind.

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