2013 MC Scow Midwinter Championship – Day 1 Results and Action

15 March 2013

The Setting- Warm sunny Florida at Lake Eustis just northwest of Orlando. Little change up for everyone right out of the gate for this 74 boat championship. It was in the low 40s at sunrise and then by race time high 50s and low 60s with a big chilly north wind for race 1 today. The four or five most popular weather services were all pretty much in sync with each other on the weather today. Cold, windy early and then warming up to mid 60s and less wind by days end. Not a cloud in the sky though. Tomorrow and final day Saturday though mid 70s and low 80s respectively.

The Sailors– We had a fun moment this morning when the Mayor of Eustis asked who traveled the farthest distance to this regatta. The Canadiens won but there were some possible disputes with a few Brits in the crowd. Several sailors from other countries were participating including Rob Coutts (Russell's brother) who now is sailing out of Lake Okoboji. Many new sailors to the class including our Regatta leader after day one Kenny Wolfe (actually tied but wins tie-breaker with Ted Keller). Kenny joined us for Zenda University earlier in the week where he worked hard and won that event. Kenny is with the very fast and large growing Rush Creek Yacht Club group from just outside the Dallas area. We had several folks from the Montreal area including Will Hendershot and Andre Gagnon. Several former National Champions including Brett Hatton, Cam McNeil, along with a large group of former Midwinter and Master National Champions were sailing as well. Then back into MC action after a long time away we had Skip and Marge Johnson. Skip will be speaking at our annual MC banquet dinner tomorrow night which should be a highlight for all. Just a great group for this 41st Midwinter Championship.

The Courses– For today we had two W5 courses Compass courses of almost due North. About 1 mile legs. Velocity for race one was about 10-18 mph. Race two we saw the winds drop down with a range of 5-15 mph. For those of you who have not sailed here before Lake Eustis is a large round lake and of course very flat surroundings. So you really can see the wind well as it comes down the course. Race one had some nice chop in the bottom 1/3rd of the course and I think it actually threw the fleet of 74 teams off for the first start as the whole group for the most part was short of the line by several feet. Race two we had about 9 boats called over with individuals. Both races saw upwind and downwind shifts swing as much as 20 degrees . However they came in big shots and you knew they were coming . Not enough breeze to set a good course for race 3 today . Very good starting lines today which was really great with such a large group. Not easy to do but the team here at Eustis have a big group and they work it hard for the sailors.

Results– Just take a look at the scores and you can see some pretty big swings. Scores should be up at the class website atwww.mcscow.orgor will be attached by Bob Wynkoop and the class. It was a tough day of shifty conditions. Seven boats in really good shape with a range of 5-18 points. Then another group in pretty good shape from 8th-14th with a point range from 26-39. This is a hard regatta because our class rules differ from the national standards from U.S. Sailing. 6 races with no throw-outs. You have to race for every boat all the time and one big mistake or bad break is hard to overcome. Premium on being consistent and not to crazy. While we had to sail to some lay lines by mid beat today you always saw the top 10 or so boats doing it together. Rarely did anyone take off by themselves. The other thing was not to absolutely make sure the shift was real today. There were a few teasers that came down that tricked some folks into tacking and sailing off to the wrong side of the course. Race winners Chris Hawk and Kenny Wolfe.

Top Ten– Here are the top ten with lots of racing left. Kenny Wolfe – Rush Creek YC 5, Ted Keller – Torch Lake 5, Scott Harestad – Spring Lake/MI 12, David Mooring – Lake Eustis 13, Eric Hood – Lake Eustis 14, Rob Seidelmann –18, Clark Wade – Hoover SC/Columbus Ohio 19, Tim Fredman – Pine Lake/WI 26, Rob Terry – Crystal Lake/MI 27, Chris Hawk – Keuka /NY 29

Other News- Lots of reports of very good fleet growth. Sarasota, Florida, the group up in Montreal and many other reports. Good reports and info Eric Protzman and Jeff Nichoas about the MC National Championship in June plus the MCSA Team Champhionship in September both at Clear Lake, Iowa. Enter now for the Nationals on-line at www.mcscow.org. Tomorrow morning and tomorrow night we will do Top 5 maybe Top 10 interviews and press conferences for the fleet to learn from those who had good races.

Much more to come.
All the best,
Ehood MC 2581