Day Two At Melges 24 Gold Cup Puts Hughes In The Lead

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22 June 2013

Chicago, IL - Four races concluded the second day of racing at the 2013 Melges 24 Gold Cup Regatta, hosted by the Chicago Yacht Club. Light and very shifty conditions prevailed with Robert Hughes on Heartbreaker taking an impressive overall lead. Conor Clarke on Embarr currently sits second while Alec Cutler on Hedgehog holds firm for third. Hughes has a nice four point lead, with Clarke and Cutler tied with equal points.

Rounding out the top five is Argyle Campbell on Rock n' Roll in fourth. Detroit's Paul Hulsey on Hoodlum Racing is fifth. Campbell and Hulsey are also tied with equal points, and one point out from challengers Clarke and Cutler.

After yesterday's lack of racing and despite today's super tricky light air, teams were happy to squeeze in four races. Hughes, Clarke and Campbell toggled back and forth all day between races for the lead with Hughes eventually winding up on top.

Clarke had a phenomenal first race taking the win ahead of Hughes, followed by Campbell.

The second race of the day featured Campbell finishing first, followed by Hughes with Chicago's Don Wilson on Convexity in third.

The stakes rolled higher with Cutler grabbing the bullet in Race Three. Again, it was a heated battle between Hughes and Clarke finishing second and third respectively.

Wilson was fully redeemed by winning the final race of the day, this time with USMCA Midwest District Governor August Hernandez on High Voltage in second and Hulsey for third.

With the points spread so tight, Sunday should produce an exciting grand finale day of racing. Awards are expected to take place immediately afterwards.

TOP FIVE RESULTS (After Four Races)
1.) Robert Hughes, Heartbreaker; 2-2-2-8 = 14
2.) Conor Clarke, Embarr; 1-4-3-10 = 18
3.) Alec Cutler, Hedgehog; 6-6-1-5 = 18
4.) Argyle Campbell, Rock n' Roll; 3-1-8-7 = 19
5.) Paul Hulsey, Hoodlum Racing; 5-7-4-3 = 19
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