Tesar Leads MC Scow Nationals After Two Races

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28 June 2013

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - Big Northwest winds here in northern Iowa at Clear Lake for day 1 of this 3 day National Championship for 70 teams from across the U.S.. Weather reports have been spot on the last three days as teams prepped, practiced and then started racing today with two barn burners out of the northwest. 15-20 mph average today for both races and really pretty steady wind directions that danced around 290-300 degrees for direction most of the day. Great courses and starting lines by Chip Mann along with his big Clear Lake crew and some other RC help coming in from Wisconsin (Nice Job Chip and Team!).

The Venue
Clear Lake, Iowa. Just Google Maps this awesome lake . A lot of folks would just be thinking corn but this lake is one of the best sailing lakes in the U.S. Flat landscape in all directions surrounding this big round lake. 3rd now 4th generation Scow club and sailors so they know how to host a great National Championship. In fact this is our 3rd time here since 2000 because we all know the sailing is championship sailing at its best.

What Was Fast
Only the big skippers 220 plus went solo today. 80% of this 70 boat championship fleet had crews on today. Fast today included tight side stays, lots of boom vang and lots of Cunningham upwind but you had to be careful on the hard tack which was the long starboard tacks where the bows faced the waves a little more. So trick was to ease up some on starboard and hike hard when your boat crossed big waves. Downwind we had extremely fast runs on these 1.1 mile legs for the W5 courses. If you did not sail a little by the lee and really heel the boat to windward then dive down in the big waves you quickly became a Submarine captain. Fast also included escaping off the starting line. I know 5 of the top ten teams today had some pretty tough start positions but fighting first three minutes to simply get a real clear lane got you back into the game pretty quick. Constant angle of heel was probably the biggest single move out there today but you had to be sharp watching the breeze all the time. Direction did not change but velocity did go up and down quite a bit which meant vang eased, vang on constantly to maintain both point and angle of heel. What was slow today – poor mark roundings both at the top and at the bottom. Lots of folks were having good races both races and just could not get around cleanly on both top and bottom marks.

TOP TEN RESULTS (After 2 Races)
1st – Mark Tesar (Clear Lake,Iowa) 1-3 = 4
2nd – Stu Oltrogge (Clear Lake, Iowa) 4-2 = 6
3rd – Andy Burdick (Lake Geneva, WI) 3-4 = 7
4th – Kenny Wolfe (Rush Creek YC, TX) 8-1 = 9
5th – E Hood (Lake Eustis,FL/Lake Geneva,WI) 7-6 = 13
6th – Mark "The Doctor" Christensen (Minnetonka,MN) 2-15 = 17
7th – Matt Fisher ( Columbus, OH) 14-8 = 22
8th – Larry Jensen (Lake Okoboji, Iowa) 13-13 = 26
9th – Eric Protzman (Clear Lake , Iowa) 19-9 = 28
10th – Robert Cole (Lake Keuka, NY) 16-14=30

Wild Weather Coming And What To Expect The Next Two Days
Crazy start time tomorrow as 25-25 mph winds predicted by mid-morning tomorrow. We will start at 8am tomorrow hoping to get at least one in tomorrow before it starts ripping in the 35 mph range. We are obviously hoping to get two or three on Saturday which all weather suggests we will get for the final day.

Big night tonight as we all go to the legendary Surf Ballroom where Buddy Holly, Rich Valens and some other band members played their last gig before their tragic plane crash just after that gig at the Surf Ballroom. Then tomorrow night at what some call the oldest Condo Association in America the "Outing Club" with the Protzmans and many more hosting that very cool gathering on the east shore. Pictures to come soon for sailing and all the social.

Tough but great sailing for the National Championship. Lots of opportunities out there for all to move around on the scoreboard.
All the best,
E Hood
MC 2592