Kenny Wolfe Now Leads Melges MC Scow Nationals After Three Races

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28 June 2013

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - Day 2 – Race 3
Only one race today. Chip Mann the PRO for the event called it good by having a rare 8am actual race start time today. Yesterday's big winds continued through the night and then started ripping mid-way through the first race. By the time we ended racing was called off for we think the rest of the day. A lot of teams swimming today and some older boats breaking a few things gave us a finish of only 47 boats out of 70. Exciting windward legs and wild downwind runs that were a thrill if you did not put it all in the drink with a steering error or soft vang. Possible it could all lighten enough for one late race later today but that may just be wishful thinking. The good news is we will have time to get two good races in tomorrow before the noon cutoff time now that we have three races on the books.

The Conditions
295 degrees was our primary wind direction throughout the race. Some big teasers on the right edge and left edges of the course going upwind though as the wind started increasing throughout the race. For the W5 course we started in probably 15mph of breeze and by the first run she was building up to probably 17-18 and then leg 3 we were seeing some big shots now and then above 20mph . Leg 4 the final run we had some really wild rides and also had some championship swimming with quite a few boats rolling it over in the big breeze. The race was a great race though with just hard and tough conditions. Direction, courses , starting lines were great. Just spoke with Chip Mann and he said the teams brought right up to the line but nobody over on race 3 at the start.

What Was Fast
For sure what was fast was great boat handling first. Without the ability to tack well, come out of those tacks well you quickly found yourself getting moved back in the fleet. The ability to round the marks in the big crowds, waves and big shots of breeze was extremely important today. Maintaing a constant level angle of heel upwind through good steering along with working the controls plus both skipper/crew anticipating the next big shot was key too. Downwind it was all about not being a submarine captain in the big waves. By the lee, vang on pretty hard so your boom tip was not too much above 90 degrees was fastest. The teams that struggled the most were ones sailing deep but not by the lee. Lots of Cunningham, really tight shrouds and max vang in the big shots was really important today at the same time easing those controls in the few rare lulls that came along.

The Results After 3
We had some movement in the top group today , some tightening at the top. Three boats looking at a shot at the title with maybe 4th and 5th peeking in if we get two races in tomorrow.
1st – Kenny Wolfe (by tie breaker) (Dallas, Tx) - 8-1-1= 10
2nd – Mark Tesar (Clear Lake, IA) 1-3-6= 10
3rd – Andy Burdick (Lake Geneva, WI) 3-4-5 = 12
4th – E Hood (Lake Eustis/Lake Geneva) 7-6-13 = 26
5th – Matt Fisher ( Columbus, OH) 14-8-10 = 32
6th – Mike Risewick ( Okoboji, IA) 17-11-7 = 35
7th – Stu Oltrogge (Clear Lake, IA) 4-2-32 = 38
8th – Noel Neuman (Minneapolis, MN) 25-5-9 = 39
9th – Eric Protzman (Clear Lake , IA) 19-9-11 = 39

What To Expect For Final Day 3 And Last Two Races
Chip Mann our PRO absolutely plans and expects to get two good races in tomorrow with our 15-17 mph winds forecasted. We have one or two weather groups that have been spot on every hour during this event. Intellicast gets an A+ as they have been the closest to right. So it will be exciting for sure because we will not get to 7 races by the noon cutoff time which means no drop race with the way our SI s are written. So no mistakes at the top tomorrow or for that matter anywhere in the group as every boat counts all races. It will be very exciting to see who wins this tough one. Lots of sailing time left.

Other News
During this lay time today we will have our National meeting which we cancelled last night so folks could enjoy the fantastic dinner , tours and time at the famous SURF Ballroom. Tonight we are the Outing Club for our final party which should be great. Right now lots of repairs and lots of rest for some tired teams. The venue , the lake , the big breeze are fantastic for this years National Championship. Tons of pictures coming very soon that we will post in several areas once we get them.

More soon,
E Hood
MC 2592

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