Kenny Wolfe and Virginia Hannan Win Big At 2013 MC Nationals

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30 June 2013

Story by Eric Hood - Our third and final day of the 2013 MC National Championship certainly was exciting for at least several restarts and the first beat. Then shortly into the final race four MC Scow newcomers Kenny Wolfe and Virginia Hannan decided it was time to put their stamp on this championship by just walking away from the fleet the rest of the race. A convincing win left no questions with anyone as to who our new National Champions were.

Lots of drama for sure this race as local Clear Lake ace Mark Tesar who was tied for first in this event going into the last race was busted by the line cops and never went back to restart. Mark sailed so well, had a radio but did not hear what the rest of us heard. So great job to Mark on those other three great races. Andy and Mya Burdick were rock solid throughout the event and only two points out of first going into the final race. Andy and Mya had a great final race finishing 5th for a solid runner-up 2nd place at this years championship. Several others got busted by the line cops in the top ten with the Z Flag start (20% penalty plus restarting) and we had one two swimmers in the top ten also . I will be posting an interview with our new champions shortly on and of course our MC Facebook page (please friend) and some other areas like So, I will break few things down below.


The Conditions
For day 3 we still had big wind but a significant change in direction. After a one hour delay for heavy cold rain the fleet took off for what would be our final race. The practice day, days one and two we consistently had big winds out of 295 degrees that were really steady. For this final race our wind direction was basically due north at 0 degrees, steady at the bottom of the course but very shifty 10-20 degrees in upper half of course. Generally favoring right hand shifts when the breeze was up in velocity. Flatter water though which was nice. Starting line was set good for the top of the course but we had these big right handed blasts coming through and it was like 40 boats thought they would all start at the weather end so we had some restarts then came the Z Flag but no Black Flag which was nice for a National Championship. Finally after a few starts the race was on and the W5 course with the 1 mile legs was really good. Great job to Chip Mann , Charlie MacNider and John Hanson along with the many, many folks including helping them.

The Learnings and What Was Fast Today
This could be a one sentence deal here . Learnings and what was fast were Kenny and Virginia end of story :-) !!!!!!! Seriously though Kenny is going to answer for all of us some of his secrets in my interview with him coming in a couple of days. I am excited to hear from Kenny because I know it will apply to all MC sailors including 1st through 70th at our National Championship held this past week. One thing I have learned since meeting Kenny at first Zenda U and then watching him beat us up at the Midwinters is that he "gives back to anyone who needs help or asks" . I spotted it on day one with Kenny and our class is better off big-time for having him on our team. So learnings for all from the champ coming soon. Much of what I shared on day one and two reports still applied too today with a few changes. The big difference today that the velocity up / down was much more dramatic and the shifts were much bigger than our two previous race days. So I think you had to work the mainsheet a lot more today than previous days and if your head was not out of the boat looking upwind you would quickly get caught off-guard and could actually capsize or just be rocked up hard in a nano-second going slow. So what was similar ONCE AGAIN – boat handling was everything. Remember without good or great boat handling you can never get to strategy and tactics.

The Results
Here we go with the top ten. Full results will be posted at
2013 MC National Championship – Final Results Top 10 of 70 boats (4 races, big wind)
1st Kenny Wolfe – Rush Creek YC– Dallas Tx –11 pts
2nd Andy Burdick- Lake Geneva YC – Fontana, WI -21 pts
3rd Mike Risewick- Okoboji YC, Okoboji , IA -37 pts
4th Eric Hood – Lake Eustis/Lake Geneva -41 pts
5th Eric Protzman – Clear Lake YC , IA - 43 pts
6th Noel Neuman – Upper Minnetonka, Minneapolis, MN – 58 pts
7th Matt Fisher – Columbus, OH – 58 pts
8th Byron Beasley – Clear Lake YC, IA – 63 pts
  9th Bob Cole- Keuka YC , Keuka, NY – 67 pts
10th Larry Jensen – Okoboji YC, Okoboji, IA – 69 pts

Top Youth – Emily Oltrogge
Top Woman – Kelli Farrar
Top Master – E Hood
Top Grand Master – Byron Beasley
Top Mega Master – Dr. Jack Kern

Final Thoughts
As I mentioned at the awards yesterday and at the Surf Ballroom party on Thursday night I am excited about our future with the MC Class. It has been a very long time since I have seen so many young sailors both skippering and crewing at our most important regatta of the year. I really feel our future is bright but we have to keep mentoring young sailors and we have to keep coaching the core group of sailors especially the middle to back portions of our fleets both at the club level and our major regatta levels. Clear Lake and their sailing coach for the Junior Yacht Club did a great job of having their whole group involved. A lot of skippers showed up without crews which is pretty risky for a National Championship. I think Clear Lake filled the gaps for everyone but maybe our 10 or so big skippers who are 230 plus. It really was refreshing. So if you want to make a difference build into a young or new sailor today – it is the whole game for our future !!! Buy new boats, mentor new MC Class prospects with the older boats so they can try it out. Contact Dr. Jack Kern down at Rush Creek who has really mastered a mentoring program for great some of his great ideas on growing the class.

Clear Lake Yacht Club what can I say. They won the National Championship too. Hospitality off the charts, parties at the Surf Ballroom and the Outing Club were some of the best I have ever attended. Margret Osmundson , her co-chairs and very large team really get a HUGE A+++ for all they did this past week.

Clear Lake is one of our best lakes in the U.S. for one-design and scow racing much like Rush Creek in Dallas and a few other big round lakes . Do not ever pass a chance up to sail there. They are having the class MSCA sanctioned TEAM Championship the first week after Labor Day . That regatta is quickly gaining strength as more sailors try the fun format out that Team Clear Lake has worked on now for three years. Check that out and contact Eric Protzman there if you want to have a blast at Clear Lake.

Again, to Kenny Wolfe and Virginia Hannan WAY TO GO for winning in style the 2013 MC National Championship !!!!

All the best,
E Hood
Melges Performance Sailboats & North Sails One Design

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