2014 Melges MC Scow Midwinters Day One Report

14 March 2014

Article courtesy of Eric Hood — Winter MC Scow sailing continued this week at Lake Eustis just outside Orlando. Three events have been happening this past week with the final event being the big 74 boat Midwinter Championship. Early in the winter season many MC teams just relocate south and kick it off with the S.E. Championships. Shortly after the new year the class then can sail again in prep for the big dance by coming to the "Train Wreck Regatta" (regatta was renamed from Geo. Washington Regatta to theTrain Wreck Regatta several years back when we were all trapped behind a train that came off the tracks at the club blocking everyone in.) Then for this whole week things got kicked off first with Team racing this past weekend, followed by Zenda University and now the Midwinter Championship.

Team Racing we should see a report coming out soon on that event. Great participation and good winds so more info coming soon on what all happened in that event.

For Zenda University 22 sailors attended the fast moving 2 day course led by Andy Burdick, Eric Hood, Jim Gluek and Ted Keller. Richard Blake from Hoover in Columbus, Ohio sailed really well both days to win that event. David Perrigo from Pewaukee,WI was a close second.

On to the midwinters. On Wednesday night a strong double-edged front came rolling through taking winds up into the mid 20 mph range. Thursday morning our first day of racing sailors arrived at the club with still a strong breeze of 15-18 but very chilly temps. The class officers made a decision for the class to lean on the side of safety. It was a tough call for the group to take as the breeze was fantastic championship sailing wind but it was cold and safety won out. Races were postponed until 1:30 pm from the original 10:30 start time. Once we got rolling in the afternoon exactly as all the weather sources had predicted we had a major shift going on from NNW to N and then slight NE competing winds. So end result was massive shifts, big swings in velocity and unstable conditions with the course set up exactly in between the two competing breezes. One thing about the sailboat racing everyone gets to sail in the same good or bad breeze. Starting lines were a challenge with the lengths required for 74 boats because both races held on day 1 had varying conditions at different spots on the line. You had to be a little lucky to survive and be in the right spot when the big shots or big shifts came through. At our press conference post race I interviewed the top five for the day and everyone said the same thing. Sail to the dark water and tack on every shift which sometimes would make you feel like you were sailing the wrong way but you had to do it to survive. Regatta leader Rob Seidelmann said it best you simply had to be lucky today too. For the rest of the event we are looking at dying breezes and continuous clocking breeze. Today light easterlies that will roll into S.E. Breezes by afternoon and for tomorrow. More patience needed. Temps back up into the Florida 70s though which will be nice.

Here are your top ten in order with points:
1.) Rob Seidelmann (10-1)
2.) Chris Andert (2-10)
3.) Al Haeger (3-9)
4.) Kenny Wolfe (12-2)
5.) Jim Gluek (6-8)
6.) Ted Keller (14-4)
7.) Scott Tillema (13-6)
8.) David Mooring (7-12)
9.) Kurt Stadele (20-5)
10.) Michael Considine (18-7)

More reports to come.
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