Davenport Wins 2014 C Scow Springfield Regatta

Davenport Wins 2014 C Scow Springfield Regatta Related topics:

29 April 2014

Three races were sailed at the 2014 Springfield regatta. Light to medium breeze allowed for some great opening season excitement on Saturday where all three races were completed. 5-10 mph breeze (with lulls from 3-7)were present for the two morning races. The first race was won by B-303 Frank Davenport with crew Ben Porter. After an impressive first race, it was clear that Frank was too good and his crew roll tacked him right into a capsize during the second race. The second race was won by the B-22 Glenn McMurray and Andrea Lee. The third race was held Saturday afternoon and had bigger breezes around 15 mph. BL-3 Patrick Lynch with crew Junior won race 3. Saturday’s day ended with a feast at the yacht club over looking the lake. Sunday morning greeted sailors with 20+ mph breezes that made launching nearly impossible. The 19 boat regatta ended with the three races sailed on Saturday. Full results below.

1. B-303, Frank Davenport
2. V-137, Jim Gluek
3. BL-3, Patrick Lynch
4. B-22, Glenn McMurray
5. T-14, John Becker
6. T-17, Jason Schaub
7. B-23, Andrew Bohl
8. A/E-123, Matt Prange
9. I-12/I-808, Bruce Cameron
10. I-14, Michael Lynch
11. B-317, John Porter
12. LD-100, Don Allebach
13. LS-12, LJ Powell
14. LS-6, Bob Green
15. LS-9/N-71, Jim Wise
16. LS-79, Gill Cole
17. LS-10/LD-8, Hayden Davis
18. BL-32, Aaron Cruthers
19. LS-7, Dave Darneille