Jewett Takes The Lead In Lake Geneva At Spring E Scow Championship

Jewett Takes The Lead In Lake Geneva At Spring E Scow Championship ©Andy Burdick | Melges USA Related topics:

17 May 2014

A beautiful day of racing in Lake Geneva with 35 E-Scows on the line. Winds down the lake from the west at 5-15 with major shifts. Three 4 leg races – the downwind finish got the fleet off on the second race 5 minutes after the last boat finished – with a slightly longer 15 minute delay between the second and third race to scarf down on board lunches.

Leading it Chris Jewett (M-3) followed by Jeff Bonanni (T-73) and Lon Schoor (H-7). The shifty puff conditions made it hard to have consistently good races as boat might easily change positions by as much as 12 boats between marks.

In the first race it was Augie Barkow (V-37) a few boats up from the port end of the line. He was just a step ahead of the boats around him hitting the shifts and pulled away to round first – mostly working the left-middle side. He was followed by Chris Jewett (M-3), Vincent Porter (I-2) David Strothman (M-10), and Jeff Bonnani (T-73). Frank Davenport (I-303) was sixth.

Downwind saw Brian Porter start to make his move to eventually win the race, going from 12th to 7th, , then to 4th upwind, and then the win downwind! Mark Jordon (I-14) went from 8th at the first mark to 6th at the next upwind and on to 2nd at the finish. Chris Jewett (M-3) finished 3rd.

The second race was much like the first except it got much shiftier in the last quarter of the leg and Jeff Bonnani (T-73) solved the wind puzzle and rounded 1st. Steve Johanson (TO-33) 2nd, followed by Tim Krech (M-20), Jon Schloesser (J-80), Peter Jewett (I-9), and Chris Jewett (M-3).

This race saw some big position changes after the top 8-9 places. Brian Porter (I-49) went from 9th to 22nd at the finish – I think this included a 360 turn at the top mark. Augie Barkow moved up from a 10th to a 6th at the finish. Lon Schoor (H-7) had a good second beat and passed 6 boats and then a couple more downwind to finish 4th. Jon Schloesser (J-80) held his position through out the race, not easy in the wind conditions many were cursing at, to finish 5th.

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