Porter Leads E Scow ILYA Invite at Lake Geneva

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12 July 2014

Thirty boats braved the challenges of Lake Geneva wind shifts in a nice 7-12 mph breeze. The range was in the neighborhood of 220 degrees to 180. Had to mention that before saying that Vincent Porter and team, Coye Harrett and Clifford Porter, won all three races. An absolutely impressive showing against some great sailing talent.

In the first race Vincent led all the way after getting a good middle position start and finding a good port tack slant up the lake that kept him lifting off the boats to leeward. At the first mark after Vincent it was Derek Packard M-87, Scott Young sailing the newest Melges boat I-1. Lee Alnes (W-25) and Augie Barkow V-37. The race was 60 minutes long and the positions of the top 5-6 boat didn't change too much with Vincent winning, followed by Derek Packard M-87, Young, Barkow, Schoor. Brian Porter worked through the fleet after restarting - 22 at the first mark and 11th by the next upwind mark, finishing 10th. Unfortunately Young (I-1) was OCS and did not restart. Another boat that worked though the fleet was Peter Maas X-20 going from 27 to 11th at the finish.

The second race was another 6 legs, lasting 55 minutes, with some pretty big shifts. The first mark was set at about 180 degrees. Peter Strothman (I-9) rounded first and hung on for most the race, but was passed on the last leg by Vincent I-2 and Augie V-37. Brian Porter I-49 worked past a boat each leg to finish 4th followed by Young I-1. Frank Davenport I-303 dropped a few boats after being in 3rd at the first mark but still finished 7th.

In the third race the wind went back to the 210 heading. The legs were a mile long and the course was a W7 with Vincent finishing in 80 minutes. Scott Young I-1 was steady in their movement through the fleet going from 14th to 5th to 4th and finishing 2nd. A few boats at the top at the first mark dropped significantly which opened up some room for other to place better. Dave Strothman benefited as did Young I-1, Packard M-87, Alnes W-25.

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