Day One Results From The I.L.Y.A. X Champs Are In!

Day One Results From The I.L.Y.A. X Champs Are In! ©Candace Porter Related topics:

25 July 2014

Article courtesy of Candace Porter – Geneva's Henry Rolander with Jake Sierakowski won race #1 and race #4. The most impressive race was the last of the day when Henry was OCS and he came back to win. It was a great day for the Menace.

Pewaukee's Robbie Lindemann and Sawyer Wozniak sailed Whale'n to the race two win. If Whale'n sounds familiar, it is because the boat has carried many Sawyer grandchildren to victory - Driscoll and Gutenkunst children have enjoyed the boat.

Finn Rowe and Hunter Sharpe took race three. The Butcher has a Geneva-Gull connection. The boat originally belonged to Harris Buddig who sailed it exceedingly well. Harris became an instructor on Gull Lake, the host club, and his boat has come back for a victory lap.

TOP TEN RESULTS (After Four Races - Out Of 39 Boats)
1.) Henry Rolander/Jake Sierakowski; Menace; 1-5-7-1= 14 pts.
2.) Joey Biwer/Mathew Biwer; Land Shark; 4-2-6-4= 16 pts.
3.) Christian Spencer/Sam Spencer; Route 66; 8-4-2-3= 17 pts.
4.) Robbie Lindemann/Sawyer Wozniak; Whale'n; 2-1-10-6= 19 pts.
5.) Brigit Barr/Sydney Probst; Barr-B-Que; 11-7-3-2= 23 pts.
6.) Harry Melges/Chapman Petersen; Shimmer; 6-3-12-9= 30 pts.
7.) Kyle Navin/Will Davies; 5 Star; 5-16-5-12= 38T pts.
8.) Hans Melges/Maxx Melges/Buddy Melges; Maverik; 10-8-13-7= 38T pts.
9.) Parker Michel/Sean Michel; Warrior; 12-17-9-5= 43 pts.
10.) Finn Rowe/Hunter Sharpe; The Butcher; 14-21-1-8= 44 pts.

Four different race winners but the overall lead belongs to White Bear's Kate Cox with Izzy Boo. A consistent 2-4-3-3 has her 11 points ahead of her nearest competitor. Race winners were Beulah's Patrick Schmidt with Jonah Boykin - race 1; Cedar's Nick Rusher with Charlie Eckert - race 2; Pewaukee's Alec Bischoff and Quinn Kaiser - race 3; DJ Jaessing (Cedar) with Marie King- race 4.

The day began with a postpone as light air had no steady direction and needed to build. The day progressed to a medium air day as both fleets sailed a total of four races. The sailors were returning to harbor at 6:00 but the four races gets them closer to the magic "six" where a throwout kicks in. 

TOP TEN RESULTS (After Four Races - Out Of 34 Boats)
1.) Kate Cox; Twizzler; 2-4-3-3= 12 pts.
2.) Nick Rusher/Charlie Eckert; KRUSHER; 5-1-8-9= 23T pts.
3.) Trevor Perry/Samantha Eckert; PerrydoX; 8-6-5-4= 23T
4.) Matt Malone/Catie Malone/Alec Malone; AirMatters; 6-11-7-6= 30 pts. 
5.) Alec Bischoff/Quinn Kaiser; Boaty; 3-16-1-17= 37 pts.
6.) Alex Keck/Malloy Murphy; KM; 10-2-24-2= 38T pts.
7.) JP Friend/Charlie Allen; Peeps; 4-5-4-25= 38T pts.
8.) Patrick Schmidt/Jonah Boykin; Patty Wagon; 1-8-17-19= 45 pts.
9.) John Barr/Gabe DiBiase; Barricade; 16-14-12-5= 49 pts.
10.) Sarah Rolfs/Austin Jaessing; Party Boat; 19-12-10-8= 50 pts.

Watch daily for the results here. Scores are posted after each race.

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