106 Boats And Counting - ILYA Champs In Oshkosh

106 Boats And Counting - ILYA Champs In Oshkosh ┬ęScowlines Related topics:

11 August 2014

As published on Scowlines – When is the last time you had the opportunity to observe 20 A scows? Their majestic profile and blazing speed is a sight to behold.

Champions abound in the E scow fleet. The beauty of the varied spinnakers makes this perhaps our most photogenic fleet.

Truly, any one of 20 sailors could win the C scow championship and no one would be surprised. The depth of talent is unsurpassed.

There are a few rooms left as folks make final plans and re-arranging rooms. Don't let housing keep you home.

The Bilge Pullers have a bumper crop of "wannabes" entering this year. In all seriousness, the Bilge Pullers are a charitable organization which supports the ILYA through donations to our events, equipment improvements for our race committee and operational needs and, most lately, a project in the new Lake Geneva Yacht Club facility where our history will be permanently housed. But, the wannabes, well they better be studying!!! Not easy to enter this prestigious (?) group.

IMPORTANT! Fortunate for us, the 450 tipping point for the evening meals is dangerously near. Please register for your social intentions today to assist the planning committee. It will be an extravaganza so help them provide the best experience for you.

Registration should be fast this year. The ILYA will check for the accuracy of your cell or email to notify you of changing events. Sign for SI's and you are done. Oshkosh will check your meal plan and changes.

Visit Coral Reef for fantastic gear. And then enjoy the ambiance of all of us together.