One Race For E and C On Day One At ILYA Champs

 One Race For E and C On Day One At ILYA Champs ©2014 Tammy Sawyer Related topics:

15 August 2014

As published on Scowlines – The flags at the Waters do not tell the story. A constant shore breeze was deceiving as light air plagued the PROs for the ILYA Championships. The morning fleets led by Chip Mann and Larry Krause left the Waters and Millers Bay with high hopes but as 9:30 approached the direction changed and varied resulting in a tough, fluky start to the event. But as they say, "cream rises to the top" our champs of the morning were Andy Burdick and Vincent Porter.

Andy had favorite crew Mya (well along with two others, Finn and Candace) on board and for those of you who know them, it was NOT a candy-eating race. Mya has grown into a real competitor. Burdick led all but one leg with the A136 Ed Eckert and Matt Schmidt in pursuit after the first windward mark rounding where they led.

©2014 Tammy Sawyer 

Geneva's Vincent Porter won race one on the E course with Coye Harrett and Clifford Porter. Buddy Melges was on the course to the delight of many spectators and competitors. He was heard to exclaim, "By gosh, I think we are moving" as there were lulls galore for brief periods of time. Again, only one race for the Es.

All the A's could do was wish. Tom Hodgson with his crew enjoyed some hope on Wednesday night's Felker Cup, shown above, which was ultimately cancelled due to light air. Still, twenty of these beauties are a sight in any weather. They and the I-20s start with a 9:00 warning as all fleets try for two races today.

Results After Day One