2014 ILYA Championship Update: What A Day — On The Water & Social Scene Beyond Compare!

2014 ILYA Championship Update: What A Day — On The Water & Social Scene Beyond Compare! ©2014 Larry Kmiecik Related topics:

16 August 2014

Photos by: ©2014 Larry Kmiecik

As published on Scowlines – As we begin another day with the sun rising, we look for a change in weather. Storms are looming in the afternoon but we need to get strong racing in today for the A fleet. The new four- fleet-together schedule has not presented a challenge in terms of time --- just light air. The A's struggled through racing at 5-7 MPH but the E's and C's were blessed with great late afternoon breeze. The E's and C's start the day today and we ask for the same late afternoon breeze for the A's as we approach day three of the ILYA Championships. Vincent Porter, I-1, leads the A's; Ryan Grosch the C's and Peter Strothman
the E's.

The Eagle, Vincent Porter, Junior Impens, Greg Gifford, David Navin and Ryan Fitzgerald took the single A race of Friday.

Peter Strothman, Corbett Porter, Griffin Rolander and Bri Porter take the E. Tom Burton won the last E race of the day but no photo submitted of the win. He sails with Bruce Martinson, Harrison Burton and Chris Thompson.

No one has a better day than Ryan Grosch and Natalie Sim's 1-2 in the C fleet.

It was a Nagawicka day as Peter Keck with Ben Porter took race 2 of the day on the C fleet.

With music playing as the fleets filled the Waters tent, here was the scene. Our beautiful, tradition-filled trophies are being presented each evening.

The crowd was spellbound as we marked the day's accomplishments but most entertaining was Buddy Melges.

Buddy welcomed us, regaled us, chastised us for beating him on the E course this time around and humbled us with his love for the ILYA, Oshkosh and scows. His speech was full of humor and &(*%%^$ as always but what came out loud and clear was his respect for the beauty of Winnebago, the challenges we get to conquer on this great (and other ILYA waters) body of water presents us, the monumental effort of the Wymans and the Waters. It was one of those moments where you had to be here to see Buddy and ourselves at our best.
Photographers choice below

A happy Bilge Puller table

Beauty of the A's

Lon Schorr who was leading both an E and A race but won't be named "the closer"

Here's Lon in the A. He took the boat out of storage for this event . What a great race for Mendota.

Here is proof. Tom Eckert LEADS!!! It was a battle of the 36's in the C fleet. Great race by Tom Eckert and Dave Schmidt

E's in all their splendor