With One More Day To Go - Kenny Wolfe Leads The 2014 MC National Championship

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27 September 2014

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - DAY 2 - For the second day of the 2014 MC Scow National Championship more challenging winds but a little more solid with velocity which reduced the swings quite bit on Friday. Races 4,5 and 6 were all completed but it took a while and competitors were finally all back on the trailer by 6pm. Two in the morning and a late afternoon race. Wind velocities were anywhere from 5-18mph with wind directions anywhere from 20 –60 degrees.

Today was a day where lots of folks had great races but only one really survived it all. We have one race left but Kenny Wolfe has in fact clinched the championship. Ted Keller did a great job staying up and is having a fantastic regatta in second place but cannot mathematically get to Kenny for our last race today which is Race 7. Other notables Jeremy Pape who was back and forth winning with Kenny this week broke a shroud in morning practice and missed a race. 2014 Masters Champ Bill Draheim along with Ted has done well and sailed very consistently and is in a strong third place. Scott “Chuck” Norris a new favorite son of our class has sailed well had a Zflag but had to leave the regatta early for some a tough family situation (lets as a sailing family keep him, his mother and whole family in our prayers as they say goodbye to his grandmother). Chuck really sailed well. Midwinters Champ Ron Baerwitz is in fifth place.

Race Winners for the day
Race 4 – Zach Clayton / Lake Beulah
Race 5 – Matt Fisher / Hoover (Columbus)
Race 6 – Jeremy Pape / Lake Lanier Atlanta (2nd race Jeremy has won)

More to come and final results after the regatta ends today. Later this week I will a post regatta interview with Kenny Wolfe and Virginia Hannan plus have Kenny give his high altitude view of this fun but very tough event this year.

Also, we have some great photos, drone coverage. We need to button down all the contacts and where all of it is being posted. For sure a great place to start will be the Augusta Sailing Club website.


Our first day of sailing kicked off here at Augusta, Georgia for the MC Scow National Championship. Overcast day with light/medium oscillating winds with a base direction of N.E.. 65 teams made it to the starting line. Solid courses from PRO Chip Mann and his large team of volunteers from the Augusta Sailing Club and also some other fellow teammates from Wisconsin. Good courses by the PRO and team but tough sailing for the competitors with the big shifty breezes . All in all a great day of sailing but some highs and lows for all with the challenging winds.

Race Winners for the day
Race 1 – Bill Draheim / Rush Creek Yacht Club
Race 2 - Jeremy Pape / Lake Lanier Atlanta
Race 3- Chris Andert / Minnetonka

Talked to a lot of folks post race. Kenny Wolfe put it best. My heart rate was up as so many things were going on all the time. Much more to compute than normal is another way to put the day sailing challenges.

What was fast was simply finding the correct side and edge for those outside the top 5. The top 5 usually played center left or center right but with the big swings and relatively low wind pressure you had to get to the edges if further back in the pack. Speed really did not seem to be the deal but positioning yourself for the new breeze and big shifts was a big deal. More tactical than anything is how you could summarize the day.

Cook your own steaks and crazy Georgia ASC Jeff Annis style Karoke is up next. Kenny Wolfe actually likes this sort of thing based on singing his crew Virginia Hannan a happy birthday song at the last regatta the ILYA Championship.

Here are the scores:
1st – Kenny Wolfe 2-5-6= 13
2nd – Jeremy Pape 8-1-7 = 16
3rd – Ted Keller 6-7-4 = 17
4th – Steve Sherman 4-14-3 = 21
5th - Chris Andert 7-15-1= 23
6th – Scott “Chuck” Norris 5–4-17 = 26
7th – Bill Draheim 1-6-21 = 28
8th – Michael Considine 14-17-2= 33
9th – Clark Wade 19 - 2–14 = 35
10th – John Potter 13-20-10 = 43
11th – Ron Baerwitz 12-19-12 = 43
12th – Jeff Annis 9-8-28 = 45
13th – Eric Protzman 3-16-27 = 46
14th – Jake Erdman 24-3-19=46
15th – David Helmick 17-22-8= 47

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View Full Results - Day 2

More to come – four races to go and it looks like we will get there.
E Hood
Team Retro
MC 2623