Kenny Wolfe and Virginia Hannan win 2014 MC Scow National Championship

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27 September 2014

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - TEXAS – MICHIGAN one, two. Sounds like college football right? Well actually it is the 2014 MC Scow National Championship and the home states for the winner and runner-up for this years national championship.

Kenny Wolfe and Virginia Hannan win 2014 MC Scow National Championship

The final day of this years national championship really did not bring any surprises other than the fact that we saw some sun for this gorgeous last day of a very tough racing week. Challenges at every turn were not in short supply this week. Everyone but repeat National Champ Kenny Wolfe and his crew Virginia Hannan seemed to experience several doses of big challenge. This last day of racing though was good in that the wind was a little bit more stable and the swings to were less than 25 degrees which was nice. Another great starting line and course from PRO Chip Mann and his large Augusta/Wisconsin RC team. The regatta was fair as fair could be considering the challenging and shifty breezes. The best won and the rest followed. Absolute honorable, extremely honorable mentions to Ted Keller and Bill Draheim. Ted had 6 out of 7 races in the top ten. Usually that would win a national championship in a fleet of 65 boats. Masters National Champ Bill Draheim from MC powerhouse fleet had four out of seven top tens plus a race win. Here is what is crazy. Kenny had all top tens never beyond 6th.

Photo: Mari Johnson

Key lesson - Kenny and I were debriefing on our drives home as we both faced tonights western sunset. Kenny, his wife Melissa and crew Virginia driving down I-10 headed to Texas and me in Zenda 2 headed toward Nashville. Our discussion was what was the big difference on winning. I floated the idea to Kenny and he agreed it was focus. Lots of great, fast sailors in our class but at the end of the day with both think it comes down to a higher percentage of great focus on the task at hand and the ability to compartmentalize things as needed. So what we are going to do in the very near future is have some great words of wisdom from Kenny that he and I will shape together the next two weeks. We will share across the networks at Melges, the MC Scow Class, MC Facebook, Augusta Sailing Club and a few other sites for all to see. These are words of wisdom that I think all will really enjoy.

Jeff Annis our regatta chairman is working on getting all the Go-Pro footage, Drone footage and hundreds of images from several photographers listed all on one document. For sure you will see everything soon at and shortly after at plus

View Final Race Results. Stay tuned for our MC wrap-up reports coming soon.

Also, plan ahead for the all the big events next year. I guess we can call it a "Cheesy" year coming but exciting. We have the Nationals at Pewaukee, the big ILYA (largest regatta of the 2014 season) being held at Lake Geneva and the all new Buddy Melges Sailing Center. Up next the Halloween Regatta at Augusta then our two great Florida events the SE Champs in November and the season opener the Midwinter Championships at Lake Eustis. BE THERE !!!!!!

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