MC Zenda University - Almost All Graduate! Geoff Moehl and Z-1 NORTH Mainsail Wins Zenda University MC Course!

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10 March 2015

Zenda University is a sailboat racing course that helps to teach and promote the sport of sailing. An advantageous course for experienced racers or new sailors coming to a scow fleet. Run by Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails Zenda in conjunction with the MC Midwinter Championship in Lake Eustis, Florida, Zenda University is a pre-event warm up for those that want extra instruction, extra speed!

Melges Team Members of Jim Gluek, Ted Keller, Andy Burdick and Eric Hood put together a 2 day instructional format for a group of MC sailors. We had great fun and great success as virtually all have graduated! This is a running joke as one of our most loyal Melges and North Sail customers, Phil Ecklund is still trying to graduate. "This was the best year ever," said Ecklund. Phil has been doing this course for 8 straight years now and he always jokes about graduating some day. Fact of the matter is, he finished third overall in the group and sailed his best ever! Phil's goal in the upcoming Midwinter Championship? "I would love to finish in the top 50%". With 80 boats expected at the championship Ecklund is gearing up for the goal. "He can do-it", said Gluek.

The big winner though is Geoff Moehl from Eustis, Florida. He won the racing at the Zenda University Course and he showed extra speed with his North Z-1 Mainsail.  Prior to the event Geoff said he wanted to go FASTER. That was his expressed goal to the group before the start of the course.  With some instruction, some secret tips - Geoff was faster, A LOT FASTER! Congratulations Geoff and Congratulations to all of the Zenda University Participants.  Excellent sailing!