Ted Keller Wins Melges MC Scow Spring Regatta — Cowtown Classic

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5 May 2015

Here is the official report. Congratulations to our North Sail Customers finishing 1, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The 2015 edition of the Cow Town Classic took place at Hoover Sailing Club in Westerville , OH on May 2 and 3. Thirty-one sailors from 6 states were there to knock the rust off, get the sailing season started, and heat up the competition.

Hoover is a reservoir on the northeast corner of Columbus, OH.The sailing club is active with multiple one design fleets, and MC Fleet 54. The MC group has really been growing over the past several years, led by fleet stalwarts Mark White, Jay Huling, Richard Blake, and 'fleet captain for life' Doug Kiser. The regatta is known for its intense small lake sailing, beer and camaraderie, plus the famous prime rib dinner on Saturday night.

Saturday saw light to medium conditions with winds that were South and gradually moving West as the day went on.

This trend ended up landing on two competing wind phases, SW and W, and the breeze would regularly alternate between these two corners of the race course.  The tricky part was, it would pretty much shut off in one corner when it switched to the other.  So you needed 'head out of the boat' with eyes up the race course, looking for the next phase. Shifting gears was also very key as one would need to go from down in the cockpit with main eased to hiking out with a hand on the vang. Starts were also of high importance in order to be able to get to the most pressure and have the freedom to tack on the first shift.

Pete Comfort took young Ben Keller as crew in the second two races of the day in their home-made team pinnies, even though it was not really crew air.  The two had a great time racing together and Pete provided an incredible learning experience and motivation to one of our future scow sailors.  Chad Coberly from Grand Rapids purchased MC 2518 on the eve of the regatta and was right in the hunt at the front of the fleet.

Race winners day 1:
Ted Keller : Torch / Hoover
Chad Coberly : Grand Rapids, MI
Chris Hawk : Keuka, NY
Ted Keller : Torch / Hoover

Sunday the breeze did not reach the 8 to 12 mph forecast. In fact, it had a hard time showing on the water. Two races were sailed just at the class minimum limit. There were far fewer visible clues on the water and it was more of a case of one side of the course being favored with a little bit more pressure and a better angle. The other noticeable factor was how much further the disturbed air extends behind boats in the light stuff. You really had to work to have a clear lane to sail in, and a wider one than usual.

Ron Baerwitz from Lake Eustis and Buffalo NY really showed his ability to keep the boat rolling and stay patient as he posted a 2,2 on Sunday. Pete Comfort also showed his stuff on Sunday with a 1,3. And Bill Babel from Grand Rapids led wire to wire for an impressive win in the last race of the regatta.

Final results after 6 races:
1.) Ted Keller, Torch/Hoover

2.) Ron Baerwitz, Lake Eustis

3.) Chris Hawk, Keuka

4.) Pete Comfort, Torch 

5.) Matt Fisher, Hoover
6.) Richard Blake, Hoover

With an active and energized local fleet and a great group of visiting sailors making the trip, Hoover Sailing Club really puts on a not-to-be-missed regatta. Mark your calendars for the first weekend of May 2016 for the Cowtown Classic.

Full results can be found at mcscow.org