2015 WMYA Championships Results For The Melges 17's, E Scow's And MC Scow's

2015 WMYA Championships Results For The Melges 17's, E Scow's And MC Scow's Related topics:

14 August 2015

Torch Lake Hosted the 86th Annual Western Michigan Yachting Association Regatta August 5th through the 8th. 161 total boats took to the beautiful waters and tested their skills in a variety of conditions. There was 22 E Scows, 12 C-Scows, 6 Melges 17’s, 40 MC Scows, 10 Laser Radials, 20 Full Rig Lasers, 30 Junior Butterflies, 6 Open Butterflies and 10 Optis.

If you have not sailed on Torch Lake you need to add this to your list of must visit venues. The volunteer helpers pulled out the red carpet and made everyone feel welcomed and at home.


Johanson, Johanson, Gorgen, and Turner on Jackrabbit win the 86th WMYA Championship regatta held on Torch lake. The 2015 Westerns saw 22 E scows on the line. 3 races were completed in varied breeze. Race 1 went to Jamie Kimball on Bandit who said that sailing smart and fast will put you in the lead. He led pretty much the whole way around, but had to fight off a hard charging Jackrabbit with a text book Lee-bow at the finish. Casey Christensen placed 3rd and Denny Malone in 4th, followed by Don Nelson from White Lake in 5th. Race 2 got underway after one general recall in light to medium, but building breeze. Rob Terry and Tom Monroe jumped out to an early lead, and were never to be seen from again until the finish. The rest of the fleet battled for the top 5 in building conditions. Steve Johanson climbed his way up to third, followed by Jamie Kimball in 4th and Brett Hatton in 5th. The final race got off in very light conditions. The breeze swung hard left right before the start, and a small pile up at the buoy caused for some difficulties getting off the line. Doug Mcneil and Steve Johanson found holes to escape and led the pack up the first beat. At the top mark Steve Johanson hooked into some fresh breeze and extended his lead. The breeze stayed light, but Jackrabbit was able to hang on for the race win. Doug Mcneil finished second after sailing a great race to stay in front of Rob Terry, Tom Munroe, Jamie Kimball and Casey Christensen who were all coming up fast. The wind did not cooperate for any more races. We were happy to see so many E boats on the line, you can find full results at: www.wmya.org

Pictures can be found at Smugmug.com search: Dan Crites under “People”.


The MC fleet got in all 5 races over the 4 days in a variety of conditions. In race 1 the wind was 5-10 out of the North West and saw Spring Lakes John Bolling take an early lead. He held on to the lead almost all the way around until former MC National Champion and multi time WMYA Champion Jamie Kimball of Grand Rapids finally got around John to take the Race 1 victory.

On Day 2 there were 2 races scheduled in the afternoon for the MC’s and the wind had been building all day. Many opted for crew, but by the end of the race the wind started to come down and many crews were finding themselves sitting in the boat. Spring Lake Continued to have their sailors make their way to the front as Scott Harestad took an early lead and held off the charging fleet to take the race 2 win. Followed closely behind were Spring Lakes Frank Reeg and Tony Pugh from Crystal Lake.

In race 3 most of the crews were dropped as the afternoon breeze began to fade, but not enough to prevent another race. Jamie Kimball showed his speed and dominance again by winning this race, but was closely contended by Frank Reeg, Torch Lakes Pete Comfort and Eric Rivard from Glen Lake who was fast all weekend despite a breakdown in race 1.

With 1 race scheduled for day 3 the sailors were eager to hit the water. The breeze was light and out of the south. Shortly after the start the lead pack all tacked to port and headed West. Chris Lopez of White lake started at the Pin and headed East which turned out to be the place to be. The breeze faded out on the west and filled in from the East. Lopez and Tony Pugh took an early lead and eventually Tony passed Lopez to take the race win. Pete Comfort and Allison Price from Crystal Lake finished 3-4 with Grant James from Spring lake finishing 5th.

The final day of racing had the MC’s racing in the morning time slot. The breeze was light and out of the South East. After a slight delay in getting started the Race Committee got the racing under way for the final race. After one leg the wind started to fade away and by the time the fleet reached the bottom mark the RC decided to shorten the race to have the sailors finish on the next windward leg. Most of the lead pack stayed to the west, but Frank Reeg and Tony Pugh explored the waters on the east side of the lake. About 3/4ths the way up the leg they had found the breeze and were charging to the finish. Most tried to work east but just could not get there in time. Frank Finished out the regatta winning the final race with Tony taking second, which was enough for Tony to secure the lead and win. Tony sailed a great regatta, not only winning the MC fleet, but was also crew for Rob Terry in the Melges 17 fleet and they won that division. Tony was always in the right place at the right time and sailed fast and smart all week. Congratulations to Tony and we all look forward to joining Tony at Crystal Lake for the MC Nationals in 2016.

Top 5
Tony Pugh—26pts
Pete Comfort—27pts
Frank Reeg—29pts
John Bolling—33pts
Jamie Kimball—40pts

Pete Comfort


A small but very competitive group of Melges 17 sailors attended the WMYA regatta held at Torch Lake Yacht and Country Club. It was great to see MC class legend Pete Comfort sailing with Sophie Jones and former pro Chris Oertel sailing with Keaton Smith join the fleet. All had very positive impressions of the sporty Melges 17. Torch lake sailors Reed and Wade Lorimar crewed for Brian McMurray and Tom Munroe Jr., and they along with Pete may be the beginning of a new Melges 17 fleet at Torch. The two races on Wednesday were Torch Lake at its finest. With 8 to 12 knots of wind out of the North. This day belongs to Tom Munroe and Lauren Lopez as they won both races followed closely by Regatta winners Rob Terry and Tony Pugh. Thursday found the fleet on shore as the wind was extremely light and unsteady. To the surprise of all except Rob Terry a race was started. Rob went on to win. Fridays race saw Pete and Sophie find the groove and they won going away. Great race Pete. Saturday was another very light and shifty affair with all of the boats laying the mark at the start on a starboard tack. Rob ended up with the win and the win for the regatta. Congrats Rob and Tony!!