Shoreline Sailboats Named New Melges 14 Dealer

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12 January 2016

Melges 14 New Dealer Announcement

"The New Melges 14 is exciting. 2016 'Boat of the Year, Best Dinghy' and new dealers are helping to represent Melges and promote the sport. We are excited to have Darren and Kyle Leonard on the Melges Team helping with our new project."
- Andy Burdick, Melges Team Member

"This is a small boat that feels big when you're on the water. It's easy to rig and exciting to sail. It's a great boat for sailors of all skill level. Not only that, it's made in the U.S. by Melges, a company known for high quality and forward-thinking designs. We are thrilled to be able to offer the M14 to our customers."
- Kyle Leonard, Co-owner Shoreline Sailboats

"The Melges 14 is the boat sailors have been waiting for, and we are eager to help spread the word about this fantastic boat. We are excited to be on board as a Melges 14 dealer in the early stages so that Shoreline can be a part of the growth and development of the next big one design class in dinghy sailing."
- Darren Leonard, Co-owner Shoreline Sailboats

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