2016 Melges X Boat Racing — Spring is Almost Here!

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16 February 2016

Melges X Boat Racing - 2016


One of the best things associated with getting a new boat from Melges is having the opportunity to see our production facility and actually seeing your new Melges Boat being produced. We build 10 one-design class boats in Zenda, Wisconsin USA.

The Melges X Boat is a great youth-sailing, one-design boat with a long, rich history. We are producing many new X Boats for the 2016 racing season. A few families stopped by recently.

Jim, Jacob and Hansen Zaiser
Jacob and Hansen Zaiser inspected their new Melges X Boat with their dad,
Jim along for the Melges factory tour.
Ali Vollmar and Carl King
Ali Vollmar is getting a new Melges X Boat and she brought along her friend Carly King.
They are excited about the upcoming sailing season. What an opportunity given to Ali by her parents Dave and Heidi. A new Melges boat!!!
Jacob Zaiser checks out his brand new X Boat
z Ya Later
Melges is producing FUN everyday! Gear up for 2016. Spring is coming!

Need a new North Sail in advance of a Championship?
Contact Jim Gluek on email right away! He is ready to help!

For assistance with authorized Melges Parts and Service, Contact Andy Burdick.

For information about new boats, new gear and fresh ideas, Contact Harry Melges.

Check out this cool boat online at melges.com and be ready for the 2016 racing season!