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11 March 2016

There's no sitting on the beach waiting for the wind this year. The 2016 midwinters are under way with heavy air on day 1. The first race went off at 11 in a building south south east wind that eventually exceeded class limits and the rescue capabilities of the LESC staff. One quarter of the 60 boat fleet was capsized before abandoning the effort. Three hours later we started again in winds at 12-18, (mostly 18) and knocked out two great races which should keep us on task for a seven race regatta. The left side was the way to go as local Scott Tillema showed the way at the front. He's leading the event with a 5/1 combination followed closely by White Lake Michigan's Brian McMurray (1/6) and Jeremy Pape (4/3). After that it's Matt Fischer, Eric Hood and Tommy Harken tightly bunched.

Friday is looking fantastic with winds forecasted at 11-13 all day. Can this really be Eustis?Stay tuned for more up dates and great photos.