Challenging First Day At The E-Scow Regatta Charleston 2016

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25 April 2016

By Naomi Van den Bergh
Sailing Director @ Carolina Yacht Club

Seventeen boats registered for the annual E-Scow Regatta in beautiful Charleston, SC. Only fourteen of them showed up on the starting line because the weather conditions were quite challenging and not all teams were prepared for this kind of breeze. With wind speeds well in the upper 20s, the conditions were pretty rough. Bob Hagler, GA 21, from Augusta, GA described today’s experience as “having the snake by the tail”, meaning he barely had the boat under control. “We reached a boat speed of up to 19.4 kts according to our Velocitek”. They finished in an honorable 4th place in race one. As they were leading the pack in the second race, looking like they would round the weather mark in 2nd, they capsized and finished in 12th.

They were not the only boat to capsize today. Petey Crawford, II 1, from Detroit, MI was one of the other unfortunate ones... “You can’t win a regatta on the first day, but you certainly can lose it on the first day, and I did!” With a DNF and a DNC they are on the bottom of the results list today. He smiles his misfortune away as he sees another boat, Paul Lyon, arriving in the parking lot having stopped to visit his son on the way to Charleston. “How beautiful is this,” he says, “They just show up after the first day of racing, and I’m tied with them!”.

Russ Lucas, BH 8, from Bayhead, NJ is giving me some pointers on what works well on the boat. Conclusion is: “Keeping the boat as flat as possible is key.” Lots of compliments were thrown towards their closest competitor Will Hankel, SC 22, “He was hard to catch today. Their boat was so well sailed!” Both teams are currently tied for first place. Russ is happy to see new faces on the water and to see the fleet grow. To put his effort in to grow the fleet he invited his niece to crew, Elizabeth Mignon, she’s a freshman at the College of Charleston.

Everyone seems to be very happy to be at the Carolina Yacht Club. Lots of great remarks were made towards the race committee and the regatta chair. Shawn Burke from Atlanta, GA said it best: “Tommy Harken did an excellent job, not only at this regatta but also during Charleston Race Week. Walter Prause does an excellent job putting this event together and of course the venue and the sailing area is unbeatable.”

Pos Sail Skipper Yacht Club 1 2 Total
1 SC-22 Will Hanckel Carolina Yacht Club 2 1 3T
2 BH-8 Russell Lucas Bay Head 1 2 3T
3 SC-55 Robby Wilkins Carolina Yacht Club 3 3 6
4 SC-3 Walter Prause Carolina 5 4 9
5 T-53 Brian Gabriel Toms River Yacht Club 7 5 12T
6 H-88 Phil Zalog Mendota YC 6 6 12T
7 CH-6 Ricky Turner CLYC 4 12 16
8 GA-21 Robert Hagler Augusta Sailing Club 8 10 18
9 I-88 Steven Lyon Lake Geneva 12 7 19T
10 GA-8 Ed Durant ASC 11 8 19T
11 GA-87 Carl Horrocks ASC 9 11 20
12 SC-8 Guy Mossman Carolina Yacht Club 18/DNC 27
13 SC-27 Palmer Russell Augusta Sailing Club 10 18/DNF 28
14 LE-66 Mark Schneider LEHYC 18/DNC 18/DNC 36T
14 I-5 Paul Lyon Lake Geneva 18/DNC 18/DNC 36T
14 CH-1 Chris Creighton Chautauqua Lake YC 18/DNC 18/DNC 36T
14 II-1 Petey Crawford Wayzata 18/DNF 18/DNC 36T