Wilkens Leads After Four Races

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25 April 2016

By Naomi Van den Bergh
Sailing Director @ Carolina Yacht Club

The weather Gods are giving the E-Scow class a run for their money. After heavy winds and chop yesterday, they are providing these sailors with light air and strong current on the second day of racing. The conditions were challenging once again. Mays Dicky (GA-87) from Birmingham, AL stated “The current was crazy, we’re still trying to figure it out,” as they are used to lake sailing.

The current was indeed a major factor today, creating a bunch of interesting scenarios at the weather mark. “We should’ve two putted the mark today,” Guy Mossman (SC-8) said after missing the layline by a hair and creating a cluster around the upwind mark, costing their team several spots.

The fleet was split evenly going upwind with a few boats playing the middle. Will Hanckel (SC-22) and Robby Wilkins (SC-55) were among those boats who played the middle and tacked on every shift, just like every book will tell you to do. They are currently positioned second and first in the rankings, so the proof is in the pudding.

The third race was abandoned since the current was overtaking the breeze and fair racing became impossible. The Russell brothers (SC-27) seemed to enjoy their time on the water as well as on land. “Today was a reward for the pain endured on Friday. We had champagne sailing for most of the day, and there was no shortage of good conversation on the docks.” They are looking forward to the cocktail party tonight at one of the old mansions on The Battery hosted by one of the Carolina Yacht Club members, “can’t miss the party!”

We look forward to another beautiful day in the Charleston Harbor with some tight racing guaranteed! The top 3 can still go any direction at this point, and there will be some other tight battles within the rest of the fleet as well.

Pos Sail Skipper Yacht Club 1 2 3 4 Total
1 SC-55 Robby Wilkins Carolina Yacht Club 3-3-1-1= 8
2 SC-22 Will Hanckel Carolina Yacht Club 2-1-5-2= 10
3 BH-8 Russell Lucas Bay Head 1-2-3-5= 11
4 T-53 Brian Gabriel Toms River Yacht Club 7-5-2-7= 21
5 H-88 Phil Zalog Mendota YC 6-6-6-10= 28
6 CH-6 Ricky Turner CLYC 4-12-8-6= 30
7 GA-21 Robert Hagler Augusta Sailing Club 8-10-11-4= 33
8 SC-3 Walter Prause Carolina 5-4-12-13= 34
9 GA-8 Ed Durant ASC 11-8-9-11= 39
10 I-88 Steven Lyon Lake Geneva 12-7-10-14= 43
11 SC-8 Guy Mossman Carolina Yacht Club 18/DNC-9-14-3= 44
12 GA-87 Carl Horrocks ASC 9-11-13-12= 45
13 II-1 Petey Crawford Wayzata 18/DNF-18/DNC-7-8= 51
14 LE-66 Mark Schneider LEHYC 18/DNC-18/DNC-4-16= 56
15 SC-27 Palmer Russell Augusta Sailing Club 10-18/DNF-16-15= 59
16 I-5 Paul Lyon Lake Geneva 18/DNC-18/DNC-18/DNC-9= 63
17 CH-1 Chris Creighton Chautauqua Lake YC 18/DNC-18/DNC-15-17= 68