Lucas Wins E-Scow Regatta In Charleston!

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25 April 2016

By Naomi Van den Bergh
Sailing Director @ Carolina Yacht Club

April 25, 2016 - Congratulations to Russ Lucas (BH-8), John Bowden, Elizabeth Mignon, and Sam Rogers for winning the 2016 E-Scow Regatta! The team is “really really happy” with their win. Russ took a year off from sailing and just picked up the tiller again three weeks ago. He sailed the Bulls Eye Nationals with his father, then attended Charleston Race Week and won the Melges 20 Nationals, and now to top it all off he wins Charleston’s E-Scow Regatta! “Each regatta was special. I couldn’t be more fortunate as I get to sail against my friends.” It is hard to find a more grateful sailor.

The last day of the 2016 E-Scow Regatta was perfect. The sun was out and we had 12-15 kts of breeze. There was definitely some tight racing today! “It came down to the last leg of the last race…” a slightly disappointed Robby Wilkins (SC-55) tells me when I ask him when he realized he lost the regatta. Will Hanckel (SC-22) started the day out well but missed a chance for a decent throw-out, and ends in 3rd overall.

Brian Gabriel (T-53) sailed excellent today with a 3rd and 2nd place finish, but due to technical difficulties wasn’t able to finish the last race. Petey Crawford (II-1) climbed back out of nowhere in the very last race with a bullet. “It has been a fun event, with tricky sailing. It was an excellent opportunity to learn,” says Kevin Jewett (GA-21).

Everyone seems to be tired and happy. Lots of great compliments were given towards the race committee again and to everyone who helped making this event great! Everyone is excited about next year’s event. It is believed we can double the attendance as many E-Scow sailors will want to check out the venue and get some time on the water here in Charleston Harbor before the 2017 Nationals held by the Carolina Yacht Club.

Many thanks to all sailors for attending this event and to all volunteers for donating their time and expertise. Until next year!

Pos Sail Skipper Yacht Club 1 2 3 4 Total
1 BH-8 Russell Lucas Bay Head 1-2-3-[5]-1-1-2= 10
2 SC-55 Robby Wilkins Carolina Yacht Club 3-3-1-1-2-[4]-3= 13
3 SC-22 Will Hanckel Carolina Yacht Club 2-1-5-2-4-3-[7]= 17
4 T-53 Brian Gabriel Toms River Yacht Club 7-5-2-7-3-2-[18/DNF]= 26
5 H-88 Phil Zalog Mendota YC 6-6-6-[10]-6-6-5= 35
6 CH-6 Ricky Turner CLYC 4-[12]-8-6-9-5-11= 43
7 SC-3 Walter Prause Carolina 5-4-12-[13]-8-8-9= 46
8 GA-21 Robert Hagler Augusta Sailing Club 8-10-[11]-4-10-10-6= 48
9 II-1 Petey Crawford Wayzata [18/DNF]-18/DNC-7-8-5-12-1= 51
10 I-88 Steven Lyon Lake Geneva 12-7-10-[14]-14-7-4= 54
11 GA-87 Carl Horrocks ASC 9-11-[13]-12-7-9-8= 56
12 GA-8 Ed Durant ASC 11-8-9-11-11-[13]-10= 60
13 SC-8 Guy Mossman Carolina Yacht Club [18/DNC]-9-14-3-13-14-13= 66
14 LE-66 Mark Schneider LEHYC [18/DNC]-18/DNC-4-16-12-11-12-73
15 SC-27 Palmer Russell Augusta Sailing Club 10-[18/DNF]-16-15-17-17-14= 89
16 I-5 Paul Lyon Lake Geneva [18/DNC]-18/DNC-18/DNC-9-16-15-15= 91
17 CH-1 Chris Creighton Chautauqua Lake YC [18/DNC]-18/DNC-15-17-15-16-18/DNF= 99