Spring is here for Melges 20s

Spring is here for Melges 20s Related topics:

16 March 2017

Melges 20 Video

And just like that, another fun winter season of Melges 20 Winter Series events has come to a close. With Miami’s three events and Monaco’s five, the Melges 20 class saw a very active winter.

The Miami Winter Series trophy goes to Drew Freides along with Morgan Reeser, Charlie Smythe and Federico Michetti on Pacific Yankee who won the title for the very first time. A huge round of congratulations goes out to second-time Corinthian Miami Winter Series Champion John Brown on Blind Squirrel with crewmates George Demand and Kyle Rogachenko. Hats off to the Miami event champions: Drew Friedes’s Pacific Yankee, Jason Michas’s Midnight Blue, and Rob Wilber’s Cinghiale, and Corinthian event winners John Brown’s Blind Squirrel, Jay Golison’s Midlife Crisis, and Rhonda Joyce’s Grinning Streak.

The Dynamiq Yachts Monaco Winter Series title goes to Russia’s Alexandr Ezkhov and Pirogovo Sailing for some excellent sailing in the 5 Monaco regattas. Alexander Novoselov's Victor was second, followed by Valentin Zavadnikov/Matteo Tenti on Synergy in third. Congratulations to all the event winners, Alexandr Ezhkov (Pirogovo Sailing), Valentin Zavadnikov (Synergy), Krzysztof Krempec (Tiny Mag), Youry Morozov (Pirogovo Sailing), and Manfredi Vianini Tolomei (Maolca).

Put yourself onboard the Melges 20 in Miami with the 360° video on Jason Michas's Midnight Blue.

Get a taste of the Melges 20 experience with the wrap-up video from the Melges 20 Miami Winter Series Event 3, the Melges Rocks Regatta.

Registration is now open for the Melges 20 World Championship in Newport, Rhode Island hosted by the New York Yacht Club, October 2-7! The 2017-2018 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series will come to the beautiful Coconut Grove Sailing Club again for three events: December 1-3, February 9-11, and March 16-18.