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24 June 2017

Melges Press Release
A Scow Nationals

A Scow National Championship Day Two: Hold-your-breath finish in Race Four

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North Sails holds the top five spots.

Epic second day at the 2017 Wixon Jewelers A Scow National Championship hosted by the Minnetonka Yacht Club. Wind, Whitecaps, and Waves set the stage for two more races on Lake Minnetonka.
The story of the day was undoubtedly the tight finish of Race Four. It was a thrilling battle between the top four boats: Will Crary's TypeA, Mike Keefe's Ajax, Tom Whowell's G Forceand Pat Hughes's Melvin. 
Until the final beat, the G Force helmed by R.J. Porter held the lead at every mark rounding. At the last leeward gate, G Force and Melvin were neck-and-neck, splitting gates for the final upwind leg. Halfway up the beat, with the finish in sight, the two leaders met. G Force and Melvin traded tacks for the remainder of the beat, passing the lead back and forth a few times. TypeA and Ajax closed in on the leaders. 300 yards away from the finish, a big left shift settled in, changing the game. TypeA and Ajax were on the left, inching ever closer. Spectators held their breath.
In the final moment before the finish, Melvin went bow out in front of G Force to take the race win. G Force took second, very closely followed by Ajax then TypeA.
All four boats finished within four seconds of each other.


A Scow Nationals


Today's race wins went to Melvin and G Force.
After the championship's four races so far, Pat Hughes's Melvin sits in first place with 6 points including two race wins. G Force climbed the leaderboard to the second place spot with 11 points. Vincent Porter's consistent sailing over four races pushed the Eagle into third place with 19 points.
Tomorrow will see a battle between Mike Keefe's Ajax (4th place, 25 points), Chuck Lamphere's White Magic (5th place, 25 points), and Judson Dayton's Instigator steered by Tom Burton (6th place, 26 points).
It was a thrilling, eventful day on Lake Minnetonka. Stay tuned for the final event update from the Melges Team tomorrow.
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A Scow Nationals

A Scow Nationals

A Scow Nationals


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