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May 17

Inside Melges – The May Issue

Mar 27

Inside Melges – The March Issue

Jan 15

Inside Melges – The January Issue

Aug 16

Inside Melges - The August Issue

Jul 19

Inside Melges - July Newsletter

Jun 21

Inside Melges - June Newsletter

Apr 19

Inside Melges — April Melges Newsletter

Aug 29

Frank Reeg Wins 101 boat 2016 MC National Championship

Aug 22

2016 ILYA Championship — Congratulations to all the Winners — Hughes (A), Porter (E), Burdick (C) and Hood (MC)!

Aug 2

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Eric Hood Speaks with 2016 MC Invite Champion Ryan Grosch

Jul 30

Final Day at Okoboji Today with Light Wind Forecasted

Jul 29

2016 ILYA X Boat Champs — It's A Regatta!

Jul 25

Christian Spencer and Jack Steiner Repeat WYA X Boat Championship Win!

Jul 22

THINK 2017 FALL SAVINGS - Upgrade. Grow Your X Boat Fleet. Fleet Discounts Available — September 1 - October 15, 2016!

Apr 22

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016 Cedar lake Yacht Club - Spring Championship - May 14-15

Sep 1

2015 ILYA Championship Photography by Lucy Ferguson

Aug 24

The Melges Report — 2015 ILYA Championship/Buddy Melges Sailing Center on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Aug 23

2015 Inland Championship — A Perfect Day

Aug 14

2015 Inland Championship — Get Ready For Fun Sailing!

May 30

Rob Terry Takes The Melges 17 National Championship Lead

Apr 3

2015 Cedar Lake Yacht Club Spring Championship For C and MC Scows, May 8-10

Mar 23

Interview with 2015 Zenda University Champion Geoff Moehl by Eric Hood

Mar 15

2015 Melges MC Scow Midwinter Championship Concludes

Mar 10

MC Zenda University - Almost All Graduate! Geoff Moehl and Z-1 NORTH Mainsail Wins Zenda University MC Course!

Jan 6

Join Melges USA at 2015 Progressive Chicago Boat & Strictly Sail Boat Show, January 14-18

Aug 19

2014 ILYA Championship Update: What A Day — On The Water & Social Scene Beyond Compare!

Aug 17

2014 ILYA Championship Update: Wind — All Fleets Complete Two Races!

Aug 16

2014 ILYA Championship Update: What A Day — On The Water & Social Scene Beyond Compare!

Aug 9

Andy Burdick Dominates at ILYA MC Championship

Jul 27

Christian & Sam Spencer, Cox and Boo Win Top Honors At 2014 ILYA X Boat Championship

Jul 26

Christian and Sam Spencer Lead Junior Fleet, Cox and Boo Dominating Senior Fleet at 2014 ILYA X Boat Champs

Jul 26

2014 ILYA Championship Entry Deadline Extended to Monday

Jun 14

Bill Draheim Wins 2014 Melges MC Master National Championship

Jun 12

Opening Day At 2014 Melges MC Scow Masters National Championship Complete

Jan 30

2014 Midwest One-Design Spring Championship, May 17-18 Registration Now Open

Dec 23

2014 Melges 17 ILYA Championship Happens on Lake Geneva

Sep 9

Congratulations To 2013 E Scow National Champion Kevin Jewett

Sep 8

Day Two At 2013 E Scow National Championship, After Four Races

Sep 7

84 Melges E Scows Gather For 2013 U.S. National Championship At Lake Geneva

Jul 23

2013 Melges 17 Inland Championship: Pewaukee, Wisconsin, July 20-21

Jun 22

Battle Of Champions Takes Hold On Day One Of A Scow Nationals

Apr 22

Spring 2013 C and MC NORs Now Available!

Apr 4

Melges Is Buzzing! Spring Is Here!

Mar 18

2013 MC Scow Midwinter Championship – Day 1,2, Final Day 3 Results

Mar 15

2013 MC Scow Midwinter Championship – Day 1 Results and Action

Mar 14

16th Edition of Zenda University Wraps Up, 2013 Melges MC Scow Midwinters Fires Up With 80+ Entries

Mar 12

Zenda University Now In Session At Lake Eustis Sailing Club In Eustis, FL

Sep 8

Day One At The 2012 E Scow U.S. Nationals

Aug 13

Vincent Porter Goes On To Take E Scow Inland Title, Joe Kutschenreuter Wins C Scow Fleet

Aug 13

Vincent Porter Surges To The Lead Of E Scow Big Inland — From Heavy Wind to Light Air, What A Day! Three More Races For Each Fleet

Aug 13

Eckert Leads Inland C Scow Fleet, While Burdick Heads Up E Scows On Big Inlands Day 1 — Windy Conditions Take Toll

Aug 9

Prepare Now To Save Big This Fall With Melges!

Aug 6

Three Major Melges MC Scow Events Happen In August! BE THERE!

Aug 6

The BIG INLAND - Three Days To Go — Come for the fun! C's, E's and I20s - FIRST TO GO

Jul 25

Party Madison Style at the Big Inland at Mendota!

Jul 18

2012 Melges 17 U.S. National Championship, August 24-26 In Traverse City - Register NOW!

Jul 17

Hans Meyer Wins 2nd ILYA Melges 17 Championship

Jul 16

Congratulations to Hans Meyer - 2012 Melges 17 I.L.Y.A. Champion!

Jun 28

2012 ILYA Championship Early Entry Ends June 30

May 23

SAVE THE DATE: 2012 ILYA Melges 17 Championship, July 13-15

Mar 18

Jim Gluek Wins 2012 MC Midwinters Championship

Mar 16

Seventy-Nine Melges MC Scows Assemble In Lake Eustis, Florida For The 39th Running Of Midwinters

Mar 15

Paul Reilly Wins Zenda University — All Graduate!

Feb 13


Jan 30

2012 Winter Inland Registration Deadline, Wednesday - February 1

Jan 10

Melges Sponsors Winter Inland With Dave Perry, February 10-12

Nov 21

Melges Reports New Sales - Get A New Sail For Your Boat

Sep 26

Justin Hood Wins The 2011 MC Scow Blue Chip Championship

Sep 20

Interview with Allison Price 2011 MCSA Youth Champion

Aug 9

CORRECTION: Zack Clayton Wins 2011 Melges MC Scow Invite

Aug 8

82nd Annual WMYA Championship - Crystal Lake, Michigan

Aug 7

2011 BIG INLAND - Minnetonka Here We Come!

Jul 19


Jul 18

Congratulations to Harry Melges, IV — 2011 Melges 17 ILYA Invitational Champion

Jul 18

Paul Reilly Wins C Scow Invitational

Jul 18


Jul 6


Feb 21

The Big Inland

Feb 15

Pillsbury Award

Feb 15

Winter Inland - Just the best time!

Sep 21

Cedar C Powerhouse Dominates Blue Chip

Aug 23

Volunteers Do It All At Geneva

Aug 23

Augie Barkow wins Inland C

Aug 22

New Leader Frank Davenport Shows Consistency

Aug 20

Keck Holds Slim Lead Over Krech

Aug 19

Here Come The C's

Aug 18

ILYA Youth Champs

Aug 18

Melges Wins Convincingly - 1-2-2-1-2

Aug 17

Minnetonka Rallies on Day 2; Melges Still Leads

Aug 16

ILYA Championships - Last Day of Racing

Aug 13

ILYA Lake Geneva Championship - No Wind - Again!

Aug 12

Geneva Is Set To Go

Aug 6

The Champs - Everything You Need to Know

Aug 6

Lake Pelican C event

Jul 19

Scott Tarmann Wins ILYA C Invitational

Jul 13

ILYA E-Invite - Day 1

Jun 30

ILYA Scowlines - Volume 5, Issue 19

Mar 31

2010 Melges 17 Spring Championship NOR Now Available!

Mar 9

Save The Date : 2010 Melges 17 Inland, July 9-11

Feb 15

Kate Klement Wins Prestigious Pillsbury Cup

Jan 28

January Super Scow Report : Racing Kick Off

Oct 19

Sportsmanship at its Best - Six and Rogers Two ILYA Sailors Recognized by US Sailing

Sep 21

The Melges Dynasty: Part Two

Sep 15

ILYA Announces Tentative 2010 Big Champs Schedule

Aug 20

Green Lake Says Goodbye

Aug 16

Tim Krech Wins the 2009 ILYA C Scow Championships

Aug 13

Getcha Scow Groove On With Sailgroove's Live Coverage Of The Inland Championship!

Aug 10

Eddie Cox Wins 2009 X Boat Blue Chip

Aug 9

Day Two At W.M.Y.A. With Coye Harrett

Aug 1

The Melges Dynasty: From Inland Lakes to International Success

Jul 27

ILYA X Boat Championship - Finals

Jul 26

Derek Packard Wins 2009 I.L.Y.A. Melges 17 Championship

Jul 25

ILYA X Boat Championship - Day 2

Jul 24

ILYA X Boat Championship - Day 1

Jul 23

Gull Lake Kicks Off The 70th I.L.Y.A. X Boat Championship With 100 X Boats

Jul 20

Krechs Win Going Away For C Scow Invitational At Minnetonka

Jul 15

Augie Barkow 2009 E I.L.Y.A. Invite Champion

Jul 13

Augie Barkow Wins E Scow I.L.Y.A. Invitational

Jul 13

Steve Everest Wins The 2009 MC Invitational Regatta

Jul 11

I.L.Y.A. E Scow Invitational At Pewaukee - Day 2

Jul 11

I.L.Y.A. E Scow Invitational At Pewaukee - Day 1

Jul 10

Steve Everest Leads After One Day Of Racing At The 2009 MC Scow Invitational

May 7

Register Online For 2009 I.L.Y.A. X Championship

Nov 4

Green Lake, Wisconsin Prepares For The 2009 A Scow National Championship

Oct 7

2008 C World Championship - North Sails 1, 2, 3!!!

Sep 28

30 Melges 17s Invade Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Aug 25

Rob Evans Is 2008 A Scow I.L.Y.A One Design Champion!

Aug 23

Day 2 Of The A Scow I.L.Y.A. One Design Championship Continues, Rob Evans Delivers A 5-3 Scoreline To Lead

Aug 22

2008 I.L.Y.A. A Scow One Design Fleet Graces Waters of Mendota, Buddy Melges Leads The Charge

Aug 19

C Scow Inland Championship - Kimballs 1st, Haeger/Greeson 2nd, Muller/Skotarzak

Aug 17

Session Two At I.L.Y.A. Championship: Erickson Wins A Open Title, Kimball Dominates In The C Class

Aug 14

Light Air Dominates Day One Of The I.L.Y.A. Championship Second Session

Aug 13

ILYA Session One Ends on No-Race Day

Aug 13

Pat Dunsworth Photos of the I.L.Y.A. Championship Now Available Online

Aug 11

Three More Races For the E Scows and MC Scows in Okoboji

Aug 11

E Scows Enjoy Two Light Air Races At I.L.Y.A. Championships in Okoboji

Aug 11

Okoboji Provides Two Light Air Races - Burdick Leads E Scow Fleet, Colburn Ahead In The MC Scow Division and, Jan and Debbie Gill Top M-16 Fleet

Aug 5

I.L.Y.A. Inland Regatta Returns to Okoboji, August 10-16

Jul 20

Hans Meyer and Susi Sternkopf Win 2008 Melges 17 ILYA Championship

Jul 20

Dave Smith Wins Very Successful C Scow Invitational At Okauchee

Jul 20

Jack Strothaman Wins A Scow I.L.Y.A. Open Invitational Regatta At White Bear Yacht Club

Jul 19

Pewaukee Yacht Club Kicks Off The 2008 Melges 17 ILYA Championship

Jul 14

Ted Keller Wins MC Scow Invite

Jul 14

Burdick Takes It All — E Scow Invitational At Delavan

Jul 10

Full Throttle's Davis And RJ Porter Still On A High-Note As They Celebrate A Huge GLSS Regatta Win!

Jul 8

BREAKING NEWS: Davis Porter Wins GLSS X Boat Regatta — North Sails Wins Big!

Jul 7

2nd Annual Melges 17 Inland Championship

Jul 3

2008 I.L.Y.A. E Scow Invitational, July 10-13 : Delavan Wants To See You At The I.L.Y.A. Invite

Jul 1

Pewaukee Yacht Club To Host 2008 Melges 17 I.L.Y.A. Championship

Jun 23

ILYA MC Invitational Early Registration Deadline is Friday

Apr 16

Gloria and Buddy Melges Invite You To The Go For The Gold Gala!

Apr 16

White Cap Melges X Boat Regatta, May 10

Jun 1

MC SCOW Online E-Newsletter June 2006