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North Sails Zenda
PO Box 2
N 598 Zenda Road
Zenda, WI 53195
Phone: (262) 275-9728 | Fax: (262) 275-8012

The success of North Sails Zenda is in direct correlation to the success of our clients. It is this reason that we are fully committed to improving our products while providing continual service and support. With our customer's success as our #1 priority, North Sails Zenda is working hard to improve the performance of North Sails family members.

With our wide range in inventory for all classes of scows, sportboats and skiffs, total success on the racecourseis our goal. From continually refining our sails with the latest technology and servicing every client on- and off-the-water, North Sails Zenda is committed to bringing success to our customers and growing the North Sails family.

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